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Derro Space Wreck Table Encounter Table -

Derro Space Wreck Table  Encounter Table -
An Encounter With A Space Wreck Of The Derro
Roll 1d10 
Ship Style 

  1. Flying Saucer Interceptor 
  2. Saucer Transport 
  3. Saucer Pirate Vessel 
  4. Cigar Troop Transport 
  5. Saucer Assault Craft 
  6. Cigar Fuel Transport 
  7. Saucer Sleeper Ship 
  8. Derro Sub-Orbital Eliminator
  9. Prototype Interdimensional Offensive Destroyer
  10. Derro Sub-space Bomber
 Unique & Terrifying Characteristics 

  1. The craft is a living bio mass made from the still living inhabitants of a planet 
  2. The craft is mind slaved to one random member of the party 
  3. The craft is laden with dimensional explosives that will rip apart the local space time continuum 
  4. Weapons aboard the craft  are made from the remains of others 
  5. The navigation systems aboard the craft are made from the blood relative of one of the party 
  6. The craft runs on the living life essences of others 
  7. The craft is powered by a greater demon 
  8. A living person must be sacrificed to the craft in order for it to run 
  9. A member of the party will merge with the craft & may never leave it  
  10. The craft is insane & will try to render others like it with horrible visions 

Random Finds aboard Craft 

Roll 1d10 

  1. Used examination table - 1d4 random humanoid organs 
  2. Food stores - 1d4 random humanoid organs in cold storage 
  3. Examination tools used 
  4.  Odd bits of wire & strange crystals 
  5. Plasma cutter 1/2 power 
  6. Dermal re generator 1/3 power  
  7. Insane medical bot 
  8. anatomical books from 1894 with odd notes in Derro 
  9. Lots of ripped & bloody clothing 
  10. Circumcision Knife bloody & used 

Random Pets & Guardians - Encounter table 
Roll 1d10 

  1. Flesh Golem multi- limbed alien
  2. Hound of Tindalos 
  3. Zombies partially mechanical 
  4. Steam powered beholder heads (humanoid) 
  5. Psychically endowed heads human 
  6. Black Pudding 
  7. Demon Spawn (use random demon table AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide) 
  8. Clock Work Insects (with  human eye balls) 
  9. Zombies with random slime  for skin 
  10. Insane android multi eyes with beam weapons 
Derro Salvage Table 
Roll 1d10 

  1. Alien Alloys hull Here
  2. Drive Systems roll 1d4 (1.soul drive 2. Life Essence 3. Undead powered 4. Demon)
  3. Navigation systems (sensor systems from random interstellar monster consult matrix) 
  4. Power plant ( On a roll of 1d6 higher number the power plant is normal  but on a roll of 3 or lower the power plant is completely alien in nature) 
  5. Weapon systems( the weapon systems are made for multi limbed creatures & might be Salvatore on a roll of 1d4)
  6. Medical supplies ( most medical supplies will be conventional but on a 1d4 there might be some random item or such that the players have never seen before)
  7. Drive Components(1d6 psi crystals might be found here but the rest is junk that shouldn't work) 
  8. Psi navigation - A human head has been wired into the navigation system. Still alive & totally insane it asks for your destination 
  9. Hyperspace systems - The system seems strangely hazy roll a save vs or be drawn into a strange dimensional gate. There are millions of hyperspace crystals around you gather 1d4 random crystals & be brought back 
  10. Random technological device (consult appropriate matrix) 
Esoteric Weapons Systems 
Roll 1d4 

  1. Antimatter Astrosaw cannons Dam 1d8  Range 3 miles 
  2. Nucleodimensional Torpedoes  Dam  8d8 Range 1000 plus 
  3. Dynamic Teleportation Devices (randomly teleports any section of a ship that it hits unless a save vs is made)
  4. Atomiretrovirus- Nanite( virus that eats sections of a ship for 2d8 points of damage launched as a torpedo) 
Derro come from here Richard_Sharpe_Shaver

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