Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Cyshugog- The Brood From The Unholy Dimension


No. Enc.: 1d6
Alignment: Inimical
Move: 120'(40’)
Armor Class: 9
Hit Dice: 3
Attacks: 1
Damage: 1d4 (plus special)
Morale: 5

The Cyshugog- The Brood From The Unholy Dimension are often summoned with a lesser version of  the 6th level super science power summon planar demon. These beings are a type of imp which was consigned to the Outer Darkness eons ago. Most often summoned to this plane for many different types of  hyper spacial & planar drive functions which require the delicate manipulation of  molecules & neutrons. They are often regarded as far more trouble then they are worth. These free loading, shiftless little minions of evil can provide a scientist with a wide variety of super science powers if properly motivated. 
These beings require near constant supervision & care nothing for their summoner's safety or that of his crew mates. They will wreck delicate wiring, short circuit any computer they can get a hold of, & do  a wide variety of impish behavior they can. 
  Properly motivated with threats of  harm to their poly dimensional bodies which exist outside of  normal space time these beings are able to play with the very foundation of creation itself. 
 They may increase a ship's speed by doubling the reactor time, these beings can help with many different calculating for hyper jumps by cutting the time in half, they can create delicate technological works of art with no problems at all & these are merely some of the examples. 
The most often encountered problem with summoning the Brood is the number of minions one gets. The summoner may conjure one from the Outer Darkness & get from 1-6 of these beings. If not confined to a lattice of  poly dimensional energy they will immediately bolt for the nearest hidey hole.  Only to set his fellow imps free & wreck hideous vengeance upon the summoner. 
They make poor familiars unless the summoner is capable of dealing with their imprisoned masters as well. Care should be taken for they are a surly lot indeed.  According the noted pre Atomic Wars scientist Dr. Spengler - The Cyshugog- The Brood From The Unholy Dimension " 
Invisible spirits with a dangerous sense of humor. The longer they remain free, the more powerful they become."
Super Science Powers 

  • Electrical Discharge does 1d6 points of damage & is directed from the tiny pitch fork like pieces of metal these little bastards carry 
  • Electro magnetic pulse - 10 foot area of effect 
  • Join The Scum - All Cyshugog in the area will be sucked into an energy cocoon if certain energy weapons along the zeta wave are used on them. Each one will combined its hit points etc. to form a large nasty demon made up of all of  The Cyshugog within the area. This being will have max hit points & seek out its summoner first at all costs. Then wreck havoc on society  
  • Volatile The Law - The Cyshugog can violate the fundamental laws of the universe as long as commanded by the summoner. The violation may not wreck creation but may have an effect with a 20 mile radius of the summoner. Certain planar entities of law may have issues with this & come to wreck vengeance later. This effect can not be done without the summoner directly asking for it. This effect is also under the direct control of the dungeon master & one imp may not be able to accomplish it.  This is more of an adventure hook then a power. 
  • Joke of Chaos - The  Cyshugog is able to conjure a pie or other small object that will be used to embarrass or trick the summoner. This object may be no bigger then 6 inches across. It may not be an acid filled pie or something that will directly harm the summoner or friends. 


  1. Interesting. These must be a lot of fun to foist upon a party of unsuspecting player character! Some of those powers are seriously frightening to contemplate...well done!

  2. Thanks very much Netherworks! Your praise is very high in my estimation! Your stuff continues to be an inspiration!


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