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Sathininagweth- A Mega Dungeon Under Water For Human Space Empire

Diplomacy, Law, Sovereign these were the  motto of 
When the world of Sathininagweth began to first come into contact with the races of  Human Space everything  seem as if posed for a golden age. The first technologies imported were planar reactors & the unlimited supplies of energy that came with them. The world gloried in the incredible planetary wealth that these reactors brought with them. Then three years into each major continent having these incredible power sources. Strange weather patterns began to appear along with pollution and dangerous storms that appeared where ever these planar reactors were deployed. 
    The world in the meantime had become a playground to the wealthy & decedent. They imported all manner of predators from other worlds for sport,set about vast robo tended sea farms, & huge tourist towns, everything seem just on the edge of success & then the storms came. 
Storms so vast that words can't do them justice. The planar demon Olhydra herself  the Princess of Evil Water Creatures came & the world drowned. She placed her son Otho-phig who was a part of herself over this world & so it waits. Those who wish to visit must deal with Otho-phig & give an offering of water from another world along with its story. The demon rules all on this world. It is speculated that soon the Emperor will send forces to take back this world himself. 
  Otho-phig has brought many other planar entities with him as well entities  such as the Gibbering Beings, Elder Swimmers & Seekers From The Storm Plane. This is a world rich in plunder & abandon for the moment. Adventurers, pirates, & all types to this watery grave. 

Otho-phig can possess & take control of those who seek to take advantage of any by becoming part of their water molecules of the victims body. It should be remembered that each part of the prince is also a bit of  Olhydra 

No. Enc.: 1-6
Alignment: Neutral (Inimical)
Move: 120'(40’)
Armor Class: 6
Hit Dice: 6
Attacks: 1
Damage: 1d8
Morale: 8
A giant Spider/Demoniod hybrid one of the more  dangerous entities of this world. Capable of delivering a fatal bite that does 1d8 as leaving behind a bundle of stinging cells in each wound. Each victim must make a save vs death. The meat of these creatures is considered a delicacy on some worlds & brings as much as 500 to 1000 credits per hide. 
There are literally thousands of miles of ruins on & under the surface of Sathininagweth 's waters. Unbelievably there are also several "products" & artifacts that are made & found on the world itself. 

  1.  Water Lenses - These elemental water crystals are created from the clearest elemental water. They not only show the destination of a planar jump but a heart's desire. 300 credits 
  2. The Waters of Purity - Able to cure any poison in a being's body these potions are said to be made from the very flesh of the watery prince himself & given out as presents or favors
  3. Water Crystal Wand - A technological item capable of detecting water just about anywhere. The wand works upon the planar energies found throughout all of known space. Even the faintest trace will be detectable by a musical tone that plays in the barer's head. 200 credits 
  4. Jewel of the Waves -The user is able to detect the planar waves & eddes across known space & able to cut 50% off of travel time. The user must have the power of  esp to use this item. There is a 30% chance that Otho-phig will know that the crystal is being used. 400 credits 
  5. Ring of  Impasse - The ring adds +2  to any charisma rolls involving the storms of  argument & violetile emotions. The user is able to make both parties see his side of things. The ring also has its own agenda & will whisper the gospel of Otho-phig to the user in his dreams.300 credits 
  6. The Book of The Damp - This shadowy book bound within the hide of some mutated demonic fish creature is both the gospel of Otho-phig & a power source to those who know how to tap it. It will power any using energy mechanism without fail. There is a 30% that after a few months the mechanism will break however. Some pirates swear by these books & tell how the book will not break the item if some being is given to the book as payment. Those who do are bound to Otho-phig for eternity. 200 credits 

A group of adventurer's dealing with the rich plunder  available to them on Sathininagweth.
 Otho-phig later picked several of the party off at his leisure for payment . 
Otho-phig is still a part of his mother & any harm to her projeny will bring down her wrath. This is a terrible thing to behold & only the most foolish will approach the coral castle where he dwells. This place is located in the deepest part of  the oceans of the planet. The place is surrounded by a wall of solidified  water & storm. The wailing of the storms produce a strange music that can sometimes be heard before the coming of Otho-phig himself. The demon has many manifestations 2 of which are of note. A single perfect water spout with a glowing black ball of a demonic eye & a gill man of perfect form. 

Those who approach Sathininagweth must give heed to the demon in the form of a message of poetry & verse. The demon may send an emissary to the space craft of those approaching. The world is surrounded by a debris of those who have displeased Otho-phig & his emissary.An offering of sweet water is also recommended & many of the pirate clans who venture here to hide or plunder often carry a stash just for an emergency. It should be noted even though Sathininagweth is an easy to reach world it is still under Empire indict.

Some of the mutated demonic sea creatures of  Sathininagweth
Use mutant future to generate stats for these monsters. 


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