Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Vagabonds of Space

There are those smaller souls who wander across the face of  Human Space suntanned by alien stars. Souls who often find themselves on the outer most worlds rubbing elbows with the likes businessmen on worlds like Hnalla II & beyond. Many of these vagabonds of space wander from world to world star to star. Sometimes working ship duties one day on a nuclear slow boat, then trading in maps to lost civilizations in the local space   yard the next. Many times these strange souls pick up alien trinkets, beads, devices,plus other odds & ends. Many times they are down on their luck & willing to trade choose information, other times they can be  juicy sources of information. These colorful souls are always quick with a joke or story as long as a drink or meal is forth coming.
Random Space Trinket  for Trade  Roll 1d10 
  1. The Waters of Youth -  Restores  1d4 years of your life temporarily for 1d4 months 
  2. Tavik Root -Makes a man out of a character literally changing the sex of the person for an extended time period of 1d4 months 
  3. Tramerran Luck Beads -These beads allow a character to reroll any failed roll once per game. The beads once used are rendered into vile space junk once used. 
  4. BRRRreeeeeeAAHH Birds - Small Mechanical Birds whose song will put anyone hearing it into a healing trance unless a save vs is rolled. The target will heal at 2 times the normal rate. These birds have a fiendish sense of humor & can be a pain with a non stop run off of off color jokes & bawdy space tunes 
  5. Spacer's Cross - A strange woven lattice of wire, paper, & bits of space junk. The cross is often woven to keep any undead at bay. A skill roll is needed to use the item & these items are often seen as folk art in many places. 
  6. Sturge's Plates  - These odd mechanical contraptions are brass, steel, & polished copper. Each plate will store several hours of strange alien music. These plates are often used by the unscruplous to transfix anyone hearing this hauntingly beautiful music. Any target hearing these strange songs will be rooted to the spot unless a save vs is rolled. Targets smile vacantly into space while these notes are playing 
  7. Franklin's Sweets - Each candy confection will reveal an incredibly vivid dream each time a candy is chewed 
  8. Jewelry of Shennava - Each odd piece of jewelry acts as a psionic focus allowing those wearing it to hear the thoughts of every one around them. With practice & a skill rolls the user can sort through the on coming mental storm & pick the train of thought that they wish Often these pieces resemble nothing that was meant to be worn by a human being 
  9. Flute of the Odd One - This strange musical instrument is only three inches long & yet allows one playing it with a successful charisma role to lead many alien animals where needed. There is a 30% chance that the flute will drive an animal into a rage instead. There are far too many finger holes to be played by a human or near human 
  10. Tracker Dust - This fine dust allows one to track the movements of anyone stepping through it. The user can track someone over vast stellar distances. This device requires a  successful skill roll to track them using the simplest tracking displays. Tracker dust is often used in mining 


  1. Nice (and usual) geegaws to pass off the the planet-bound rubes.

  2. Always a good idea to have a few trinkets to have for the planet bound mud veins ;)


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