Friday, July 29, 2011

Freak Friday - The Eyes Of Doom

The Eyes Of Doom have always hated mankind. During the beginnings of the Human Empire the eyes were first discovered after they had over run the newly terraformed Venus. Coming from the deepest depths of  the Outer Darkness. The eyes float about upon both psionic levitation & a lighter then air gas medium. The eyes will track their targets & can see in both the infrared & ultraviolet spectrum. Each eye communicates with a form of low grade esp. They're will however is supreme & capable of over riding the average human's pretty darn well.
     They are capable of altering the density of themselves with little problem & can go from a 3 ft diameter all the way to a complete 12 ft within 1/2 a combat round.
 No. Enc.: 1-2
Alignment: Inimical 
Move: Fly 240' (80')
Armor Class: 0/2
Hit Dice: 15 
Attacks: see below
Damage: see below
Morale: 15

Super Science Powers 

  1. The Will Superior - The eye is able to force its target to serve its needs unless the target makes a saving throw 
  2. Absorb The Fool - The eye will absorb any man sized or smaller target which will immediately begin taking acid damage of 1d6 points each round. 
  3. The Green Fog - Hypnotic Gas with the following effects  (Mind Control or Sleep)
  4. True Vision - The eye is immune to any illusions & only surprised 10% of the time 
Another truly awesome creation by Basil Wolverton read the whole story Here


  1. That's one mean floater than Venusian eye is gonna have after absorbing that dude. :)

  2. Wonder what happens when they get gas? Thanks for the comments Trey! Stay tuned more to come!


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