Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Spacer's Bane - The Haunting Worms Of The Dreaming Goddess

No. Enc.: 1-2
Alignment: Neutral
Move: 60’/60'/90’
Armor Class: 4
Hit Dice: 6
Attacks: 1/2
Damage: Special
Morale: 11

The Spacer's Bane is  found on many space wrecks & is a silicate based life form. This nasty piece of work lies in wait aboard the wrecks usually coiled around a slow leaking power cell or other fusion unit. The worm will jump out at the nearest space explorer boarding a wreck & grip with its lower jaw as the upper one lets loose with a molecular based acid. This acid will cause 1d6 points of damage. The worm will then thread its way into the skin sealing it after itself. 
  The worm coils around the humanoid's warm body part & begins to repair the damage it has done. The creature heals all damage & its host becomes very heavy as its system is thrown into biological overdrive. Once the host has sated its hunger the creature settles down to business. The worm lays several eggs,  & several seed pod like organs within the body. The pods begin pushing their way to the outer skin where they become several sensor unit like organs. 
  The eggs sit within the body until the worm finds a suitable place where they shall grow in 1d4 days. The host is killed & becomes the food for the babies. The adult crawls out to find another host. The worm can deliver a nasty bite for 1d6 points of damage. Some alchemists will transplant an adult worm into a willing host via alchemial blending  & super science techniques. The worm may shoot out of its user's month to attack on a successful initiative roll. This is a highly illegal procedure. 
The skin of these worms may be rendered down for a potent drug which gives strange prophetic dreams of a goddess like figure with a worm's head surrounded by wraith like worms. This is said to be the goddess who first created these monsters.
 Some worms are known to grow in excess of over 20 feet with far more hit dice & have been known to eat spacers as well! 


  1. That blending of the mystical, B-movies and harder science works very well.

  2. What Porky said. :)

    I'd also add you have an unsual bent to the "ick" factor of worms, parasites, and such that only heightens the weirdness.

  3. Well since this blog is my acid test for my campaign I try to create an over all sense of background & connectivity to most of this stuff. Thanks for all of the words of encouragement


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