Monday, July 11, 2011

The Human Space Empire House Rule Tool Kit

For the last couple of months I've been playing(mangling) Human Space Empires. Some things have become apparent as we continue down the road to continuing campaigndom. 1.The play test version of this game was meant to do something very well & 2. Some very clear changes are going to have to take place for this game to be used for long term campaigning. We've already read through Drune's recent post about the game Here
I respect Drune as a person & designer but lets face it. A dungeon master especially an old school dungeon master is going to fold, spindle, & mutilate the rules of any game as he sees fit. Don't argue I've seen you guys do it. So this means talking with my players & coming up with a bunch of house rules & continuing designs! The following changes are happening & house rules are being introduced. This will be expanded upon in future blogs! Your mileage may vary
House Rules-   Characters
  • We're throwing out the skill restrictions for character growth! There gone!  This allows the characters to grow in a much more organic fashion allowing for greater depth over the long career of a character. 
  •   Points Cost System -Instead of the usual psy rules we've gone with a raw points system which means that your raw psy score is how many points your character has. The level of power is the points cost. The powers may be used more then what is available in the rule book. This approach makes for a much more cinematic game. 
  • We're using the same points cost rules for the magic available in the game. Magic is often used by those of a lower tech axoim or those where magic has returned due to the stress on the time space continuum. 
Adventure & campaign elements 
  • Expanding on the weapon variety 
  • Add more pulpish elements depending on world 
  • Adventures are going to be episodic 
  • Expanding on the equipment list 
  • Star ship rules 
Additional Notes On Weapons
  • Energy Weapons will effect demons 
  • Energy Clips with variable settings
  • Weapon Mark Rank - Different worlds will have different quality weapons the better the tech axiom the better the manufacturing 
  • Not every high end weapon will be available on the various pirate & fringe worlds
  • We're going to be looking into star ship rules that will have both inter system & intergalactic rule sets 


  1. Looks like you're really making it your own! I look forward to any observations you have from playing. Esp. those intergalactic starship rules!


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