Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Return of the Clown! - Cha'alt, Wretched Space, Wretched Flesh, and even LoFP's Carcosa As Adventurer, Conqueror, King Rpg Campaign Focus

So let's pick up right from where we left off last week on the blog here. And just before we ended the game the PC's found one of their hirelings killed off by a xenomorph emerging from the stomach of the poor bastard! And there was clown paint all over the place! That means that Bazo The Clown is back! There is a ton of history between the PC's & the demonic clown bastard! 

 It's been a very busy day to say the least & we're only now getting together. Tonight's game pits our 'heroes' against the forces of darkness. Bazo The Clown is back & the PC's are seeking hirelings to help them track down the demonic clown. And so their going to Cantina Incel to grab some hirelings to deal with the murderous demonic clown. Upp'thoth is a true Carcosan sorcerer who has worked with our party before. Uppo'thoth is a refuggee from Carcosa & a mutant to boot with left hands with seven fingers and green gold eyes. The dark sorcerer has spells wither flesh, & essential salts always at the ready. He along with his partner were a part of the same murder circus ages back which Bazo was a part of. Groth the Ghoul Jester is also known as Death's Jester is a particularly nasty customer & bodyguard to Uppo'thoth. He's been key in solving several murder investigations that the PC's have been involved with. As a ghoul he can eat the brains of the murder victim & gain the knowledge they had in life. This is done through a familial occult ritual passed on from other members of Groth's family. The hirelings departed the service of the party after the player's PC's departed to take 

This leaves the PC's with some bad blood between them & their former hirelings who killed off several rogue desert ghouls were trying to murder the PC's several games ago. The PC's also have to deal with the members of the cult of Karen that they've slayed on this side of Cha'alt atr the Crimson Rock of Sacrifice. 

And then there's the siren call of the black pyramid too boot. The PC's have a ton of unfinished business there. Did I mention the fact that the PC's are wanted criminals in the city of Ja'alette?! Because they have a death sentence the for totally taking out a city official there! This is why they fled to other side of Cha'alt. 
The ghoul race & several other campaign factors totally come from Lost Carcosa by Tristan Tanner available on Drivethturprg here.  This book contains an alternative OSR Carcosa setting that can easily be used with almost any OSR campaign. 

Bazo The Clown is known in our Wretched Space campaign as a murderous & nasty demonic clown of uncertain Lovecraftian pedigree. He's popped up randomly murdered several outlaw NPC contacts & PC relatives. Generally he's made a murderous nuaucince of himself over the last six months or so. Bazo has also appeared in other OSR game campaigns taunting the players with random murders & mayhem

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