Thursday, December 15, 2022

Barbarian Warlords of Greyhawk Part 7 Deeper Into The Borderland's Hellish Powers OSR Commentary Lands of Greyhawk

 Let's pick it right up from here with the fact that the Temple of Elemental Evil has literally spread it's tendrils through out Greyhawk & is partly powered by the Hellfurnaces; "Some of the most infamous Underdark regions in the World of Greyhawk exist beneath the Hellfurnaces, including the Vault of the Drow, the Sunless Sea, the realm of the Lerara, the White Kingdom, and Dra-Mur-Shou. Aboleths, kuo-toans, svirfneblin, illithids, drow, cloakers, and duergar all war beneath the depths.

The legendary Passage of Slerotin connects the Sea of Dust to the Yeomanry through the Underdark."  This means all of the action happening within   AX3: The Capital of the Borderlands connects directly into those classic modules of the Eighties. 

AX-2 Secrets of the Nethercity fits into this as both as  side quest & fitted resource for this ACK's powered campaign. As we said last time & this ties into the little tid bits dropped in Gary Gygax's Keep on the Borderlands. The Chaos worshipers are on the rise again & AX-2 bares this out! 

These Chaos worshipers are deeply connected with elemental darkness within the Hell Furnaces themselves! The darker powers such as those monsters seen in the Fiend Folio reside there; "
On the surface, volcanoes and heat-loving monsters dominate, including fire giants with their hell hound pets, and red dragons with their firenewt servants. Manticores are common in the lower altitudes. Other races found in the Hellfurnaces include bugbears, cave-dwelling humansfiredrakesfire toads, storm giants, goblinsorcsogrespyrolisks, and trolls

Human sacrifices taken from the coast from  the small city of Los Farport. This is the perfect point to introduce  Villains of the Undercity from Dark Wizard games again. Why?! Because the villain of Villains of The Undercity hits both the gonzo & the old school vibe in such a way that it can go either way. Taken seriously the adventure plugs into the vibe of dark desparation of AX2's world view as the elemental evil spreads back into the Village of Hommlet like a dark rising tide! 

Because of the fact that the horrors & dark forces behind the Chaos gods altars below the streets of Cyfaraun are churning with the eldritch energies of old. How & why this connects deeply into Greyhawk we will see next time! 

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