Sunday, December 11, 2022

OSR Sword & Sorcery Commentary On '&' Publication's 'the Book of Miscellaneous Spells Volume 2' A Free OSR Resource For AD&D 1st edition & Your Old School Campaigns

 "The & Publishing Group is pleased to announce the publication of Andrew Hamilton's second collection of Old School Gaming spells -- A Book of Miscellaneous Spells Volume 2! This book of spells is designed for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD& D) and OSRIC but is compatible with most Old School Dungeons & Dragons (D& D) games and their retro-clones."

Its been ages since I've checked over the '&' site & it's been an age since the Book of Miscellaneous Spells Volume 2 was in my downloads on my laptop. But there's reason for this and it includes the fact that there's a whole section on Cult of Juiblex Clerical Spells & these are going to be playing a major roll for the villain's cult in an upcoming Castles & Crusades  campaign. This is going to be a Sword & Sorcery campaign & the Demon Lord Juiblex plays a major role. While the demon lord isn't known under that name in C&C. 
There's also  frost giant shaman's spells as well which fits right in with the 'Sword & Sorcery' themes of the campaign outline. These spells are very different by comparison too the Castles & Crusades  Adventurers Spellbook. And  the Book of Miscellaneous Spells Volume 2 slots more deeply into the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first edition ideals and catalog of spells
. And the appendix of the spells within the  the Book of Miscellaneous Spells Volume 2  fits the Chaotic monster races then the shamans of human &  humanoid magic user. The other item that will fit the Sword & Sorcery themes are the Mythos bundle for C&C. 

This being said the PC spells from the Book of Miscellaneous Spells Volume 2 are different enough to offer far more variety to offer the players more of a variety. The spells have some really solidly done ideas for PC & NPC adventurers  within game campaigns.  The Chaos NPC military forces are going to have access to magick far more easily then the PC's. This goes into the fact that the forces of darkness are aligned with thier Chaotic  magickal sources. 

 '&' Publication's 'the Book of Miscellaneous Spells Volume 2' A Free OSR Resource Is Available Here 

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