Tuesday, December 27, 2022

OSR Commentary - Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Summoning Spells, Dark Albion, & DA2 Temple of the Frog

So we're just getting back after a day of work & Lamentations of the Flame Princess has been on my mind.Why!? There are a myriad of reasons for this & one of the reasons is just how ingrained some of the ideals of LoFP have become within our games. 

A good example of this is the first level Summon spell that has caused a myriad of motives & problems for PC's in numerous campaigns. Numerous times I've used scrolls of Summoning as the 'treasure' within the lair of a cult or magus's abode.
After long considerations about LoFP the Summoning spell is one that I've turned into ritual. There are several reasons for this. 
While I've kept the level at first the spell became a ritual & one aligned with Chaos at that. Possession of this ritual has become one that carries with it the death penalty within our campaigns. This came up as a result of a Dark Ablion game in which a player's ousted magus spoke to the party about the ritual. 
Instantly the character became prime enemy number one on the Sol Invictus's wanted list. What however is so dangerous about the Summoning ritual? 
There are in point of fact two reasons. The ritual not only summons an unknown creature of Chaos. But it opens a doorway for the things of the unknown to gain enterance into our campaign world. 
Due to the influence of Dark Albion's Cults of Chaos the  corrupting nature of Chaos continues to be a problem long after the other worldly monster has been dealt with. 
And this is an issue that has cropped up in any number of games where the influence of Blackmoor continues to rear it's head as well. 

DA2 The Temple of the Frog  By Dave Arneson & David J. Richie has become a staple as one of the origin points for the demonic frog humanoids in our various Dark Albion game campaigns over the years. 

Stepthen The Rock as a discipline of Tsathoggualo continues to plague everyone of my campaigns as another clone body is released via the clone tapes with his last stored memories of his demise by the PC's fresh on his mind. His Chaos cult is also one of the sources of the Summon ritual. Tsathoggua continues to be amused by the antics of his favored son. The Temple of the Frog is the source for the Chaos humanoid frogs who rule France in our Dark Albion campaigns. The humanoid frogs were released thousands of years ago & began their ascend into full on sentience & take over of Albion. 

The Rose War has stunted the machinations for exploration but for hundreds of years Europe had been exploring their world & beyond. And it's this beyond that has led them into other realms. This ties into  

Mad Scribe Games Sword & Caravan which in turn ties back into today's Red Tide campaign setting

 The Red Tide energies means that PC's from the Dark Albion era are able to rub elbows with Dark Albion NPCs's as well. These energies extend the life of those who spend time on the islands. These same energies are also the leaks from the war of the two unknown archons from Qelong. These are all due to the Celestial Engine breaking down over billions of years. 
Each time a summoning ritual is used another pin prick point of damage is done to the Celestial Engine. But what does this all mean?! 

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