Friday, December 9, 2022

Ghou'ld in the Mix - An Alternative Earth Clement Sector Rpg one shot - Session Report

Tonight we ran a very different 2d6 game mini adventure using the fan made Stargate Rpg for Traveller available in this thread on Mongoose's forums here.  The party was a group of traders using Ships of the Clement Sector rpg 10- 12 Workhorses Lee Class merchant ship 'The Dawn Star'. The ship has a hyperspace misjump & ends up in orbit around 117. An alternative history during the days of the late Roman Empire & the Jaffa are storming Roman era England. This is an alternative Earth where the Romans didn't destroy the libraries of Alexandria. 

So today's been a very eventful day all around, during tonight's game half of our players didn't show up due to work & family related issues cropping up. This sorta of stuff happens with long term gaming groups. So the players wanted something fast & dirty. For tonight's game with the action on Marvel Superheroes waiting until next week around Tuesday or Wednesday. So the Dawn Star's crew didn't expect any of this. The players were completely shocked when they realized that the Roman soldiers were armed with brass black powder machine pistols. These weapons are actually Ingramus MX machine pistols taken from 
More Guns! OCR.
The players came face to face with the Roman soldiers of Londinum. The soldiers are holding their own against the Jaffa invaders.
 The barbarian hordes have been killed by Death Glider raids. Who is the system lord carrying this war out?!  The player's PC's have no idea the investigation didn't get that far. The party are trying to do some investigation work at the moment. And the party didn't engage with the Jaffa forces. 
The party went into Londonium armed & wasn't fooling around as the social encounters became paramount. The Romans were open to technical assistance with the on going Jaffa problem especially with the manufacture of ammunition & other armaments. The party is mulling this over at the moment. 

 You may have noticed that there's no Federation Prime directive in this adventure. The players stared arguing among themselves about the ethics of arming the population with more advanced manufacturing techniques. And still make money at this. And the Jaffa weren't waiting around & began to move on Londonium. Several forts around the city proper were attacked by death wings. And what was the response of the player's PC's?! To hide from the death wings & this might have been the best bet on the PC's part. These are no mercenaries remember but instead merchants. 
And another thing that was brought up by the players is where is the pyramid or structure of the Ghou'ld?! Why isn't there more of a presence within the world of these invasive aliens?! 
Lots of questions but not many answers.. yet. The fact of the matter that tomorrow the players are going to coming back & we go back to our regularly scheduled games. 

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