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Barbarian Warlords of Greyhawk Part 8 Behind the Scenes of The Borderland's Hellish Powers OSR Commentary Lands of Greyhawk

Here we're going to pick right up from where we left off on the blog last blog entry here So let's talk about Villains of the Undercity from Dark Wizard games & good old Wendel for a moment. And yes I know Villains of the Undercity is a homage to White Plume Mountain. Just go with me for a moment. The lizard men of B2 Keep on the Borderlands is actually another adventure element of the rising tide of Chaos. In Los Farport the same thing is happening & there's a reason for this. The tide of Chaos is increasing & someone is profitting from it. 

Wendel  the little halfling horror from  Villains of the Undercity from Dark Wizard games isn't as gonzo as he first appears instead he's a part of a network whose been supplying the chaos worshippers all along. 
You see our villain in this model has had help this whole time setting up his network of villainy. Wendel is a part of the Slavers network. The Slavers finianced, gave resources, etc for Wendel to return to Lost Farport. 
Why?! Because the Chaos worshippers  below the streets of Cyfaraun are paying very well for those slaves cum sacrifices. Wendel isn't eaxtly a push over either. Even though he's in the revenge game. The halfling is a threat within his own right! 
Los Farport offers an ACK crew a ton of opportunities! 

 AX3: The Capital of the Borderlands connects directly into those classic modules of the Eighties. The Slavers will double cross the Chaos worshippers at a critical point.Why?! Because the slavers have interests with the Barbarian states of Greyhawk. And these states have representives within the Borderlands region;" A cold, mountainous land, this region is best known for being the home of the nations of the FrostIce, and Snow Barbarians, as well as the nation of Stonehold. Collectively, the lands of the Frost, Ice, and Snow barbarians are known as the Barbarian States."
However the Chaos worshippers have seen this especially the Elves of 
AX-2 Secrets of the Nethercity. After all what's a few paltry human cultists to the chaos of all out war in Los Farport & the borderland regions! 

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