Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Currents of Death - A Hostile rpg Abyss One Shot Game Session Report

 So it's about  11:50 PM  I'm just getting back from a Hostile rpg one shot set on Abyss. And man that was an interesting game. The player's Blackguard PC's made it onto Abyss through a transport being brough in by the Takashi clan as 'mining consultants'. What's really going on is that the player's PC's have been brought in as specialized mercenary submariners & divers. And the party got involved with the backend of the Takshi clan's Jago's underworld network. And used these contacts to build up a picture of the submarine war that's going on in the waters of Abyss. The Srigala Hitam have spies among the aqutic proles & we actually have a prole among our party now! This is where things get interesting. The player's PC's are actually on Abyss working a back contract for the CCCP's bravata. Who through 'Mr. Ling' their contact in Srigala Hitam are actually looking for evidence of the xenomorphic invasive Zhuki species.


What they found instead was an underwater war between two of the mining concerns. The party was in a Advanced Motors Seafisher Stern trawler that was actually outfitted with ton of surplus  military sensors belonging too the Srigala Hitam. The party were acting as a part of the ship's crew & had to work the boat. And this didn't go over well. But they found themselves in the middle of a submarine attacking a mining platform. And their ship the 'Sea Star' found itself as a target.The 'Sea Star' managed put some distance between itself & the submarine. 

As the Blackguard made their way into the richer waters they found an injured aquatic prole belonging to their host clan. Paul Le'e is a contracted worker on the destroyed station & was considered 'expendable'. Successful first aid, quick rolls, and good results allowed one of our players to play something a bit different. 
We were out on the water for three weeks on our 'fishing' tour & managed to dive on a vast floating Abyssian life  mat as the players called it. And their were several floating water craft drifting with the mat. They found several dead White Fanged Orochi in the area around the mat?! Note that the White Fanged Orochi is one of the top predators on Abyss. When they investigated the mat itself there were several somethings hiding within the mat itself. What they ran across was actually something that resembled a combination of an Orca & an H.G. Giger tenacled  nightmare! The player's PC's had come across a Xenosquid Queen - 120 Kg Str 18 (+4) Dex 17(+3) End 9 (0) Int 1 (-2) Inst 12 (+2) No. Appearing: varies Speed: x2 (12m/rd) Armor: 9 Weapons: teeth (2D6+2); tentacle grab (Average [0] Strength roll to avoid being caught, -1 for every additional tentacle being used) Attack: 6+ Flee: 3-
'She' was surrounded by several Xenomorph warrior Cobras 120 Kg Str 16 (+3) Dex 14(+2) End 9 (+1) Int 1 (-2) Inst 12 (+2) No. Appearing: varies Speed: x2 (12m/rd) Armor: 9 Weapons: teeth (2D6+2); Stinger+1 (2D6 or V/Difficult End roll to avoid Paralysis) Attack: 6+ Flee: 3-
This pretty much confirmed the party's worst fear that the xenomorphs & not the invasive Zhuki species had reached Abyss. 

Oh did I mention that this is where several of the Xenomorph Cobra warriors were snaking their way onto the 'Sea Star'?! This is where I decided to end for the evening until Saturday coming up! 

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