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A View To A Xill - Hostile rpg Adventure Encounter One Shot Session Report

 The Blackguard have been called in by the CCP to look into a possible Zhuki infestation. However, the players started to dig & all did not check out with them. Deep inside the Soviet sector Omnibus IV is a research facility supported by the 'Chain Dragons' syndicate a part of the Vorovosky Mir criminal networks that riddle this part of CCP sector. The CCP is actually supporting the 'Chain Dragons' because they have been doing top secret research into a relic smaller then a pack of matches. That relic is actually an alien data storage device with billions of pieces of information it. The Chain Dragons have been using an older Mining Platform (Type NS) for research into the device.
And somehow they've accidently activated it pulling something across the hyperspace veil and onto the station. The alien immediately went into defense mode & is very pissed off having been ripped from it's own local space time. And immediately went on to infect 25 of the mining platform's personel. 

Xill High Caste 

120 Kg Str 18 (+4) Dex 17(+3) End 9 (+1) Int 1 (-2) Inst 12 (+2) No. Appearing: varies Speed: x2 (12m/rd) Armor: 9 Weapons: claws (3D6); teeth (2D6+2); Stinger+1 (2D6 or V/Difficult End roll to avoid Paralysis) Attack: 6+ 
Able to Planeshift Beyond The Local Space Time At Will 
While planeshifted Xill are immune to the following: immune to poison, disease, and suffocation. • Incorporeal: immune to non-silver, non-magical weapons. • Immune to mind-affecting psionics - the Xill can attack & impregnate a host with an egg four times a day, the host will have a Xill serpens burst from it's chest within 1-3 hours. 

Xill High Caste have vaguely reptilian creatures with flame-red, leathery skin and solid black eyes. They had roughly humanoid bodies about 4‒5 ft (1.2‒1.5 m) tall, with four clawed arms. Xill weighed about 100 lb (45 kg) on average. High Clan xill would wear clothing and jewelry; Lower Clan xill wore absolutely nothing. The High Caste Xill is telepathic enabling it pick up on surface thoughts & communitcate with those around it. If it so chooses. Xill are only interested in two things reproduction & gating in more of their kind from the Eth erm hypersubspacial lower realms. 

The 'Chain Dragon' personel cut off the section of the  mining platform that the Xill was in  from the rest of the facility.The Blackguard moved in with the intent of gaining the upper hand against the alien. And possibly collect any specimens they could for bonuses.  

 The players thought that they were dealing with a 'normal' xenomorph until it cut the power & gravity within their section of the mining facility. And then things got interesting as the party began to be hunted! The first of the scouts was taken out by a Xill warrior within the ore processing furnaces.This happened quickly and the thing faded back into underreality. The CCP's Soviet psionic that the party has had with them couldn't get a bead on the monster making things  nasty ( yes, I know there are no psionics in Hostile but there are within our campaign. Just go with it). 
And the second attack came when one of the marines got to close to one of the specimens in the lab & the Xill took out the marine but got shot up in the process. It couldn't fade away fast enough. The marines then located one of the 'nests' of the Xill only to learn that there were 10 of the horrors within the facility. 

And then communications on the base went weird & the Xill began trying to send signals to it's own kind. And the marines shut down the mining communications systems. So our cat & mouse game continued. 

And then the Xill began to gas the station with knock out gas which caused the party's hackers to take control of life support! This caused all kinds of paranoia among the players. The alien is intelligent and highly motivated! 
There was talk about blowing the station and that didn't happen as the facility is still worth a packet. 
Two more Xill attacked the party in their control room & the party was insensed at this! The nerve of these beasties! 

The Xill moved two more of it's ilk into the corridor in order to plant gas grenades to knock out the party members! The players exitted into the mining base's vents & regrouped into another control room! 
The Xill took one of their own and used it as bait but the party blew the air lock in the hallway they were in! The party made their way to the mining facility's control room where they saw the hyperspacial gateway that the Xill had built! 

The party used the facility's reactor to fry the aliens within the mining colony's control room with electricity. They were careful to leave the lab that containing the alien's remains but destroyed any eggs or horrors that were left behind. 
The party was given half of their bonus because of the destroyed specimens. And they were fine with this & moved on. 
The Xill are part of the 3.5 OGL free to be adapted as needed.  The Xill originally appeared in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Fiend Folio but actually first appeared within  early White Dwarf's Creature Feature. Since then various friends of mine have complained that they were an Alien rip off so I thought it ironic to use the Xill as tonight's main foe. Xill are very intelligence & highly resourceful. They are driven by two instincts the instinct to reproduce & to dominate as insects sorta. The Xill are also intelligent after a fashion & so I thought it fitting to have them be more then a simple mindless monster. The Xill are telepathic & highly alien as well as dangerous. 

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