Thursday, December 29, 2022

Liquid Anti Christ - The New Marvel Phile 'The Shadowline Saga' & The Tallman- Session Report 5

 Let's pick it up from last session here on the blog! The PC's along with thier team mates stepped back through what they thought was the dimensional forks onto the streets of New Ashford. And something was way off!  Within half an hour the heroes found themselves face to face with hordes of what appeared to be homeless. These things weren't however! The PC's nearly got their heads taken off by what appeared to be humans but weren't! 

Man'o Metal was attacked by the horde & his flames held them back.And then the horde started to get a bit too close for comfort. One of the homeless zombie things tried to spit green goo at one of the PC's. And things started to break down! The party took off in a South direction throwing a car in the way of the horde. 
The horde meanwhile tried & failed to drop a piano, a safe, and several cars on the party. And at various times the horde tried & failed to shoot green goo out of their mouths! 
Finally the party found the pylon gate to take them back to the real New Ashford!

One of the homeless zombie things came with them! The phantom rider had just about had it with these things & incinarated the zombie thing. Normally this would be a problem but in reality. The party had been dealing with the zombie things animated by the Liquid Satan juice from the '1987 Prince of Darkness' film. The write up for this horror can be found on Jack O' Lantern's blog here

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