Sunday, December 25, 2022

Barbarian Warlords of Greyhawk Part 12- The Legacy of the ruins of Cyfandir OSR Commentary On The Lands of Greyhawk

Yesterday we discussed the balance of power on Greyhawk or as it seems with Chaos on the ascent or it seems. In point of fact that there are far older forces that have seized power long ago from the busom of the Elves & the ancient peoples of Greyhawk as related by James M. Ward's Greyhawk Adventures. The Great Dragon Aisoth the spawn of Necrozyte assaulted the Borderlands Elven capital of Cyfandir. The Lizardmen tribes who fled in her & her armys wake settled around the swamps near B2 The Keep of the Borderlands By Gary Gygax. 

Once again the Great Dragon Aisoth will awaken with the coming of Chaos & destruction. Her own tribes of Lizardmen troops will flock to her side to take out any remaining resistance around a two hundred mile  radius. Unless the PC's are of a level to take out the Great Dragon Aisoth?  The fromer Elven capital of Cyfandir would require a small army of adventurers & hirelings to take out the Lizardmen & the other monsters. The elven capital of Cyfandir holds many terrors itself. 

Two hundred years ago, the elven capital of Cyfandir fell to the savage assault of the Great Dragon Aisoth, self-proclaimed goddess and sovereign of the lizardmen who followed in her wake. The elves, occupied with the Argollëan War, were unprepared for the attack and the city fell swiftly. The elven residents fled, many dying at the claws and teeth of the lizardmen who waited in ambush in the forest."

"Now the city lies in ruins, its walls crumbled and alabaster towers fallen to rubble, and  the forest is crawling across its streets. Ivy and moss cover the walls of once-pristine  buildings, and piles of rubble mark the passage of the dragon. Only the majestic and imposing Great Hall still carries its ancient grandeur. It is there that the Great Dragon makes her lair, sleeping atop the a treasure trove of elven coins, jewels, and artifacts."

"Only the bravest adventurers will dare to plunder the ruins of Cyfandir…"

Could the cult of elmemental evil have a peace treaty with the Great dragon enabling her to spread her own minor projeny into the wilds of Greyhawk in 20,000 mile radius? Thus enabling the Great Dragon Aisoth to later on betray Luz  & the elemental humanoid forces to carve out her own kingdom on Greyhawk?! All of this might not come to pass with her defeat within the dungeons of Cyfandir! 

Cynfandir itself would be on the edges of the  Yeomanry, thus enabling the ancient Elven capital to have such an impact on events surrounding the Keep. 

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