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Review & Commentary On M2 Marvel Super Heroes RPG: The Unofficial Canon Project Darkhold by Necromancer For The Marvel Super Heroes Rpg

 "For untold millennia, Cthon and his black sacrament, the Darkhold, have plagued the world with unparalleled suffering and darkness. Since before mankind ever met it’s existence, black hearted sorcerers have sought the Darkhold and it’s infernal power so that they may rule over the world and unleash Cthon upon the Earth dimension once more. The Darkhold’s black pages have unleashed countless horrors upon the world, vampires, werewolves, zombies and other nameless and stygian forces. Even the book itself thirsts for the souls of the living, pray fearful reader, pray that you do not find your own soul swallowed by it’s inky black pages."

"Within these pages you will find in depth information featuring the powers and history of Cthon and the Darkhold.

An expanded section detailing the known magic spells within the Darkhold’s pages.

Write ups featuring the spawn and servants of Cthon and the Darkhold.

Write ups featuring the Montesi family and the Darkhold Redeemers, valiant heroes in the war against black sorcery."

Originally I joined the 
Marvel Super Heroes RPG: The Unofficial Canon Project for a copy of M2 Marvel Super Heroes RPG: The Unofficial Canon Project Darkhold by Necromancer. The G Drive has some fantastic stuff for the MSH game. But the group's organizational skills need some work. And yes,  it's understood that these MSH supplements  are  free fan works.  But it took me quite awhile to be able to find a copy of M2 The Dark Hold. However, it was well worth the wait. The Darkhold is basically the Bronze Age Marvel comicbook's Necronomicon.In other words a powerful book of dark magic that corrupts anyone or anything it touches. Comes complete with an elder demonic author. 
 M2 The Dark Hold clocks in at thirty pages & has pretty much the entire package of the Darkhold's history, background, demonic author, prehistory, major spells, and more. The Darkhold's history weaves it's way through the Prehistory of Marvel's Earth into the time of Kull & Conan. 

We get into Cthon the author & elder god's history and why the Darkhold was penned. It's effects on the prehistoric Marvel universe. The struggles of the black god of the book. The earliest interactions with some of the Marvel universe's mightest Sword & Sorcery champions. 

Again we get the impression that any interaction with Cthon is bad news for anyone involved. The Darkhold is at the heart of the creation of Marvel's werewolves & vampires. 
As I've said M2 is a wealth of information & background on the Darkhold. The Darkhold is so powerful that it has woven it's way through Marvel's Kull, Conan, not to mention more modern titles such as Tomb of Dracula & Werewolf by Night. 

Cthon itself has become one of the more 'successful' elder gods ie demonic Lovecraftian lords. He  indirectly reponsible for causing the events of M day by corrupting the Sarclet Witch since her birth in the shadow of Mt.Wundagore. 
And this corruption happens again & again in the Darkhold's history. Darkhold even caused Stephen Strange a multipicity of problems. This included the indirect resurrection of his brother Vic upon the return of the Earth's vampires. The Darkhold was involved with the vampires  destruction & their resurrection after several years in the Earth 616 contiuum. The reason why I speak about these events is too illustrate the dark power of the Darkhold. 
The Darkhold isn't  a book to be taken lighly & that includes using it within your own MSH games. Even Morgan Le Fay & the cult of the Darkholders wanted nothing to do with Cthon & imprisoned him under 
 Wundagore Mountain.

That shouldn't prevent you from using M2 Marvel Super Heroes RPG: The Unofficial Canon Project Darkhold by Necromancer for your own games. With such a dark & twisted book of dark magick at the heart of  a MSH's game campaign the motives for a group of heroes is easy to see. M2 Marvel Super Heroes RPG: The Unofficial Canon Project Darkhold by Necromancer is available in the 'other section' of the group's G Drive. 

You can get M2 Marvel Super Heroes RPG: The Unofficial Canon Project Darkhold by Necromancer By Joining the Marvel Super Heroes RPG: The Unofficial Canon Project group on Facebook here. 

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