Friday, December 23, 2022

Ghou'ld Tomb With A View - An Alternative Hostile Rpg one shot - Session Report

 So today was one of those days where everyone wants too game but it's very close to the holiday. And since almost half of our players were gone. Those of us left at the coffee shop today had to figure out something fast.  We ran a very different 2d6 game mini adventure using the fan made Stargate Rpg for Traveller available in this thread on Mongoose's forums here.
The six players we had took the Marine's book & created several Blackguard mercenaries were quickly rolled up. 

The PC's had been recruited by a Russian criminal corporation that had spotted some sorta of structure with strange radiation readings. Basically a crashed Gou'ld pyramid with God knows what's inside. 
The player's PC's were sent on a  Rockwell Harbinger ship named The Putin & were a part of the cargo for this run near a colony. The crew were not thrilled with the Blackguard & it took the party four years to reach the nearby star system.
 The colonists were wondering why there were new  rocknecks in the area. And the Blackguard's synethic & thier psychic immediately started in on the raw data on the back end of the semi desert world. This was done on the mask of prospecting for the Fenta corporation. The Fenta corporation has a  corporate history of mining, colonial work, and more. 

The party flew out to the site in a shuttle & immediately were not happy to see an Egyptian style pyramid in the middle of an alien desert!  This was actually a Cheops warship that recently crashed. 

This is probably going too be a bug hunt!?  The player was pretty confident about this fact but actually it's a very different take!  The party  came face to face with Roman soldiers who proceeded to rake the explorers with machine gun fire! The players were completely shocked when they realized that the Roman soldiers were armed with brass black powder machine pistols. These weapons are actually Ingramus MX machine pistols taken from More Guns! OCR.
The players came face to face with the Roman Gou'ld soldiers of an alternative Alexandria. The players were shocked! They were not expecting Roman soldiers speaking an archaic form of Latin. The PC's almost bought it as they were forced back out of the pryramid and back into the alien desert by grenades being lobbed by the centurions! And the Death Gliders  caused the players even more issues! 
The Blackguard got off a lucky shot with a T.O.W. style missile taking down one of the Death Glider. And the centurions started to pour out of the pyramid! And the PC's actually retreated back to the colony! And armed the colonists with thier own cargo of guns! Then the Blackguard the next day snuck aboard the pyramid ship and found the stargate at the heart of the ship. The Blackguard found themselves face too face with Ice age Mammoths & riders on the otherside of the stargate! 
The Blackguard found themselves on the Atlantis setting! The Ghou'ld have a toe hold within Zozer Games Warlords of Atlantis

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