Saturday, December 3, 2022

Using Hostile rpg to Run A Games Designers Workshop's Twilight 2000 rpg's Twilight Nightmares One Shot 'You're Not From Around Here, Are You? Session Report

 So lately I've been doing a number of Hostile Rpg one shot short burst games. Fortunately, because this is a 2d6 Cepheus based Science Fiction based adventure system I was able to adapt a family favorite adventure of mine from the deep dark past. Game Designers Workshop produced Twilight Nightmares back in 1991 & it includes the Predator style adventure ' You're Not From Around Here, Are You?'. Now each of the adventures & scenarios within Twilight Nightmares is straight up inspired by classic 1950's & 80's  B movies. That's no lie. 

Our 'not the preadator' alien is right on the front cover & they go into detail about his race, evolution, etc. so much so that over the years we've inserted his kind into the Dark Conspiracy rpg as another Dark Minion race. And in point of fact there's an article on using Twilight Nightmares with Dark Conspiracy here. 

So what I did was plunk our alien on Hostile's  Tau Ceti in the middle of a violatile interstellar/national corporate war. The players were young space marines, in other words young, dumb, and well you know the rest. 

The alien's agenda from Twilight Nightmares remains the same. Destablize the biosphere of Tau Ceti, eventually forcing the human element off the planet, claim the planet for his race & himself, and meanwhile cause as much mayhem as possible to the local weather station. 
The Chinese have no idea of this new intruder on Tau Ceti & this takes places deep on the American side. The weather station is deep in the alien jungle isolated from the rest of the world.
The metrological station has asked numerous times for assistence after resources, personel, equipment, weather stations, etc. have been destroyed.  Yes, this is a hostile alien to say the least. 

The player's marines went in stealthy on & began doing deep investigative work around the weather station & it's assets. They found local animals butchered, several weather station officials personal belongings, etc. all around the weather station scattered. Things started to go from bad to worse as the alien took out two of the marines when they came close to one of it's hunting blinds. The marines actually triangluated the alien's position and then moved in. 

This didn't go well as the alien wasn't in the blind. And ended up quietly moving back to it's space craft. Day two the marines moved along a grid search using a drone to look for thier comrades. They only found their equipment dangling from a tree mocking them. 
The alien circled around the marines & blew up their shuttle! This wasn't what they were expecting! And two teams of three marines moved into the jungle & they didn't want to call for extraction. They were out for revenge instead. And they got stupid as they got close to the alien's space craft. And the alien took three more marines! 
In the end the other team of marines planted mines near the alien space craft waiting until the alien returned. The marines were not interested in the bonus they wanted revenge!  Boom! goes the spacecraft & then the marines called in for extraction!  
On Tau Ceti another explosion in a warzone isn't going to be noticed and the whole event will become rumor & speculation as history's tide sweep it into obvilion.. 

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