Monday, December 26, 2022

The Goa'uld Come To the Superior (Subsector B of Clement Sector) System An Alternative Earth Clement Sector Rpg one shot !? - Session Report

 We ran a very different 2d6 game mini adventure using the fan made Stargate Rpg for Traveller available in this thread on Mongoose's forums here.  Today the PC's were came face to face with five  active Hatak motherships that was attacking the Superior (Subsector B of Clement Sector)! The mercenaries were outmatched & definitely outgunned! 

'The Subsector Sourcebook: The Colonies gives all of the details perfectly for running a military campaign within the Clement Subsector. The player's PC's had no idea what the  Goa'uld were going to do with the Superior system. The PC's had one shot to get the population evacuated from the small world as the first of the 
five  active Hatak mothership moved in! The mission here was simple get the population moved out ahead of the  Goa'uld army. There was no way the PC's were going to defeat the  Goa'uld forces. But the PC's were willing to try! 

The governor of Tupolev begged with the PC's to get his family off world. And already things were going South on Tupolev. The party split up & one team took off towards one of the active spaceports. And the second team ran straight into a team of 
Goa'uld. They had to get word to the system world to get the defense forces & the navy forces for a counter offensive. Events became muddy & brutal as one group had to save the other from the Goa'uld. Nuclear weapons being smuggled aboard one of the warships was talked about. And in the end several transport ships were used to get people off planet! The revenge for the world of Tupolev is on everyone's mind! To be continued next week! 

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