Saturday, December 10, 2022

And Then There Were Four erm Five - Beyond The Ice Falls By Joseph D. Salvador From Raven God Games For Swords & Wizardry - Hyperborea rpg Session Report II

 So we're going to pick this right up from where we left off last week on the blog here.  Our crew of Viking warriors got in over our heads as the 'ice spirits' got their vengence against us. Early this morning we  got together over coffee & donuts. Gunther Bloodbear caught up with us at the pass as we had the ice spirits hot on our heels. And we lost one of our number due to bad dice rolls this morning! Beyond The Ice Falls By Joseph D. Salvador hits different on this side of the screen. 

Jess's PC got flash frozen in a two way crunch as the ice maiden had her revenge against us. That store of Winter fish looked far more away from our party at the moment! I got one of the guys with a lucky dagger roll. And then circled back to take out Guther in a last move only to come face to face with his frozen corpse! 
The woods were turning deadly around the village of the village of Askibakken. We needed more men and had to buy ourselves some time?! 
So an offering of treasure & relics was the only way?! And the ice maiden wanted it all and the life of one of us. There were only three left and we couldn't afford to lose another. We offered the treasure and the promise of another warrior or maiden. That seemed good enough for the moment. 
We made it back to 
the village of Askibakken. And were able to grab a fisherman or two as replacement warriors. We dropped our gear & grabbed hunting outfits. We also changed weapons to disguise ourselves as hunters. Then waited two days (game time) to go back into the woodlands around the village of Askibakken. The woods were deadly quiet and we almost killed a wise woman who was making her way to the village. She promised us answers for two fish if we'd escort her back to her hut in the woods. 
Her son was waiting for his mother 'Ashcor the woodsman' (replacement PC) whose mother Arsha the witch was more then happy to have us. We paid the old woman her fish & gathered around the fire to warm our bones. Arsha made us tea & tended to our wounds which cost us another fish. Her hut was a maze of herbs & dried salted  corpses of various alien fish. She was more then happy to have us as her usual clientele of the local women and mothers had dried up with the ice maiden stalking around the village. 
The ice maiden has influence over the local humanoids, monsters, and even the trees the old woman told us. We were told to relax as no monster would dare to come to the hut. Our party looked relaxed but we were ready for anything! 

And anything didn't happen. DM Paul seemed a bit wrung out this morning and the game progressed rather nicely. His style is a bit easier to deal with then DM Steve's killer style of encounters every time we'd settle down.  We ended here until next week.. 

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