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OSR Commentary On LNA1 Thieves of Lankhmar By Nigel Finley For Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first Edition

 ""Thieves of Lakhmar is a companion volume to the AD&D game accessory, Lankhmar, City of Adventure and further enhances the exciting, dark, and dangerous setting of that Nehwonian city. Thieves of Lakhmar is the definitive sourcebook for any and all who are interested in the Thieves' Guild, perhaps the most powerful single guild or organization in Lankhmar. Existing knowledge on every aspect of the Thieves' Guild (its operations, principal officers, members, history, hidden agendas, the famed Thieves' House) as well as pertinent information on the guild's principal nemeses in Lankhmar is contained in these pages. Additional data on Lankhmart government and justice and settings for further adventures in the City of the Black Toga are here also. Indeed, this tome is a wealth of information for any who earn their livings in Lankhmar by "procuring" others' wealth - and for those who may cross or fight them.""

Thieves of Lankhmar (LNA1) is one of the best thieves guild sourcebooks that TSR ever put out. And it's one of the secret old school sourcebooks created by Nigel Finley one of the more gifted writers from the Golden periods of TSR's history back in 1990. LNA1 Thieves of Lankhmar clocks in at about 99 pages and is mostly devoted to that setting's thieves guilds. 

Special thanks to Wayne's Books for the LNA1 Thives of Lankhmar photo. 

That being said Thieves of Lankhmar (LNA1)'s thieves guild breakdown could be applied to almost any old school Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first edition or OSR retroclone system quite easily. The stress here is on the background, factions, organization, and complete system of the thieves guilds of the urban center of the city of Lankhmar.
And I'm not the only one who thinks so, according to the Amazon review of 
Arlo Astrollacyll on Thieves of Lankhmar ;"
This supplement uses 1st Edition D&D rules but with a little creativity can be used as a launching point for any fantasy campaign.

More a sourcebook than an actual adventure,this product gives detailed information concerning the history and operations of Lankhmar's Thieves' Guild. The information presented within these pages would be useful to any DM seeking to create a smiliar organization within his or her own campaign setting.

Several adventure seeds are included as well as a short scenario near the end of the book. The maps of the guild house are quite good.

The details regarding the guild's day-to-day operations and politics, retirement and relative rank within the guild are excellent.

This book would be an asset to any DM running a rogue-dominated campaign." 

And this review hits several key points. Thieves of Lankhmar covers everything from the basics of a Sword & Sorcery thieves guild. And it has all of the old school ingrediants for a more developed thieves campaign to get off the ground quickly. 
This means that the DM can get his or her players into the Sword & Sorcery underworld of their campaign far more concretely without the background & hassle of a fully fleshed out thieves guild to worry about. 
This makes 
LNA1 Thieves of Lankhmar  one of the hidden gems of the 90's era Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Lankhmar books. 
And for the OSR the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Lankhmar product line remains relatively unknown today. The fact that they seldom get mentioned makes the Lankhmar books ones that seem to fall between the cracks. 

LNA1 Thieves of Lankhmar could easily be applied to your favorite OSR retroclone quite easily. Making it a must have for those thieves class fans & players. The guild presentation here is far more contemporary these days. And LNA1 Thieves of Lankhmar could easily be used with OSRIC or even original Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first edition. 

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