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Barbarian Warlords of Greyhawk Part 10 The James M.Ward Difference - Greyhawk Adventures OSR Commentary Lands of Greyhawk

Everything changes & yet remains the same or at least it seems too. But everything changes on a gold piece as the forces of the temple of elemental busts forth with it's humanoid armies! 

 Let's pick this up right from where we left off yesterday from here.  Then we've brought Luz into the equation of Greyhawk's worsening situation yesterday. And here's where events  get interesting & the situation within the Borderlands. James M. Ward's Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Greyhawk Adventures changed everything within the Greyhawk campaign setting. Why?! Because it was the transition book between Advanced Dungeons & Dragon first edition & second edition. 

What the Hell are we talking about!? Well according to the Greyhawk wiki on the Greyhawk Adventures entry;" Greyhawk Adventures contains information about Greyhawk deities, clerics, major NPCsmonstersgeography, spells of the setting's famous magic-users (such as Bigby and Otiluke), magic items of the setting, rules for playing "zero-level" characters, and six short adventures.[1] The supplement is compatible with both the 1st and 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules.[1] As suggested by the note in the starburst-medallion on the cover, the contents of Greyhawk Adventures represent a transitional state between the 1st and 2nd edition AD&D rules;[2] the NPCs in the Hall of Heroes include monks, a 1st Edition character class not included in the 2nd Edition rules, while the "Monsters of Greyhawk" chapter uses the 2nd Edition's system of rolling two ten-sided dice (2d10) for monster morale, rather than the 1st Edition's d100-based morale system." Because Greyhawk Adventures is cross compatible with AD&D 1st & 2nd edition it easily slots into the back half of ACK's easily. And this makes the Adventurers, Conqueror, King's Capital of the Borderlands By Newton Grant & Alexander Marcus that much more dynamic as it rears it's head within Greyhawk! 

Why?! Because for centuries adventurers have come too  Cyfaraun, ancient capital of the borderlands, seeking glory and gold. And this has left the ancient capital's borders open & perfect for abuse by Luz & his forces of Chaos especially after being softened up by plague & horror as we discussed last entry! Is there any hope?! 

Of course there is & this is where our PC's come in! Greyhawk maybe a great Sword & Sorcery settting gritty as it gets but it's also a place of divine power! Greyhawk sport's wizards such as 
 Bigby, MordenkainenNystulTenser, and Rary  As well as dieties both major & minor with all concentrations going onto the PC's heads. The history of the Borderlands within a Greyhawk campaign is tied directly into the history of Hommlet & the temple of elemental evil. Here's that history from from the Greyhawk wiki entry;"In 566 CY, forces of evil from Dyvers or the Wild Coast constructed a small chapel outside the nearby village of Nulb. The chapel was quickly built into a stone temple from which bandits and evil humanoids began to operate with increasing frequency.

In 569 CY, a combined force was sent to destroy the Temple and put an end to the marauding. The army included regular forces from the human kingdoms of Furyondy and Veluna, dwarves from the Lortmil Mountains, gnomes from the Kron Hills, and elven archers and spearmen." 
" The site itself remained, however, and over the following decade rumors of evil presence there persisted. The Viscount of Verbobonc and the Archcleric of Veluna became increasingly concerned, and cooperated to build a small castle outside the Village of Hommlet to guard against the possibility of the Temple rising again."
Hommlet is outside of ACK's Borderlands region itself & it's one of  the key areas! 

The difference here is that Luz & his forces are breathing down the Borderlands collective necks. 
And if we look deeper into Greyhawk Adventures those forces have more then enough reason to take out the Borderlands with extreme prejuidice. Unless, the PC's start intervening in the matter. The evil elemental cult has been brewing up hordes of evil men and humanoids, including orcsogres and gnolls,etc. as per the Caves of Chaos from B2 Keep on the Borderlands. 
There is an update of the events at the keep within Greyhawk Adventures as well! 

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