Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Christmas Nightshift Veterans of the Supernatural Wars Rpg Mini Campaign - The Holiday Scrapbook Murders Affair

Once again the most haunted manor in the multiverse has landed in Central Park in the early 1800's. And once again it's influence is felt across the city. A series of mysterious murders has the police baffled & the citizens of the city in a blind panic! 

This morning my group got together at a local coffee shop to discuss a Christmas meet up game. In our little circle of players we have two widowers whom don't celebrate the Holidays persay. And we've faded back to an old folk tradition of horror & ghost stories for Christmas! In this case a Christmas mini campaign with a twist or two using Nightshift Agents of the Supernatural Wars rpg

So we're going back through the Nightshift Veterans of the Supernatural Wars Companion  for the player's PC options. This game mini campaign isn't going to be using any elements from   The Victorious rpg even though it takes place in the 1800's. Because of the fact that we've already got this rpg system in play in another campaign at the moment. 
Our plot begins when a curious  item comes from Tegel Manor & finds it's way into the hands of a New York City  pawn broker. Said item is magical in nature & calls to a paracular young lady. Then the murders begin happening. The twist here is that the ghosts of those murder begin asking the PC's for help. 

So why is this called the Holiday Scrapbook Murders Affair?! Because at the site of each murder victim is left a small folded box made of scrap book paper. A box that contains some small seemingly insignificant little belonging or piece of the victim. 
There have been 12 murders with each victim strangely killed within less then the blink of an eye. Strange appriations & visions seem to haunt the city's psychics & spiritualists while others report vistitations of weird black eyed demonic humanoids a day or so before each murder. 

And now why are the these ghosts haunting the PC?! What is the connection to the object that was taken from Tegel Manor?! All this and more coming up! 

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