Thursday, December 8, 2022

Barbarian Warlords of Greyhawk Part 6 Deeper Into The Borderlands OSR Commentary Lands of Greyhawk

 This blog post picks right back up where this blog post left off!.  Here's the whole deeper secrets behind the rise of the elemental evil cult in our ACK's campaign. 

B2 Keep on the Borderlands leads deep into AX3: The Capital of the Borderlands easily. Secrets of the Nethercity takes place with the cult of elemental evil having sewn the seeds of the cult hundreds of years before in Cyfaraun. This means that Cyfaraun & the surrounding regions could well be a part of the Yeomanry League near 'the Torrs'. This all comes into play with the Greyhawk wiki entry on the Yeomanry here.  AX-2 Secrets of the Nethercity fits into this as both side quest & fitted resource for this ACK's powered campaign. 

 Secrets of the Nethercity fits the cultural  make up of the Yeomanry with the Elven race in decline. This is of course after the humans of Suel & Oeriden have banished the original Elven Chaos worshippers hundreds of years ago. The Stouts hobbits moved into the area with the human populations seeing an opportunity. 
The speculation is that the Chaos worshipping Elven clans are partially responsible for the reign of colorless fire! 
The deep Elven Chaos worshippers have awokened from deep slumber & are a part of the rise of the evil elemenal cult. They've reactivated the village of Hommlet's connections & manipulated the village's residents. However the elves didn't create the evil elemental cult. They inheritted it from the former inhabitants of the Borderlands who are still asleep under the earth of Greyhawk until the stars come right again. 

The Elves however are only one part of the evil elemental cult as their front face for something far more insidious. 
However the Chaos worshipping Elves have agents everywhere & this includes the seas of Greyhawk & the small city of Los Farport. This is the perfect point to introduce  
Villains of the Undercity from Dark Wizard games. Since people are being abducted from the city they might be brought to the Borderlands as part of offerings to the Chaos gods altars below the streets of Cyfaraun. 

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