Friday, December 30, 2022

Particle Beam Weapons & The Creation of A New 2d6 Corporate Entity

 So besides a late night MSU session last night we talked about a number of options for our 2d6 games. And once again my mind started thinking about Greg Porter's 3G3 system.  And the main reason is the fact this system has stats & development rules for one of my favorite space based weapon systems, particle beam weapons. 

Growing up in the Reagan era Star Wars weapons systems time. Particle beam weapons were talked about by our various Science Fiction wargame hounds. These were the veterans & engineers who would be playing Traveller & breaking down the themes & ideas of the game. One that popped up frequently was the idea of killer particle beam weapon sats & cannons. And these are not the usual weapons that one sees in Traveller or Cepheus Engine. 
And given the morals of the particle beam technologies it's easy to see why. When have morals ever stopped Science Fictional rpg's!? Given the nature of 3G3 & the second 3G3 systems it's easy to see where & why these weapons would come into play in Cepheus Engine rpg style game campaigns. 

Now with the recent release of Superpowered! From 

Stellagama Publishing

 & the current climate of my player's mind set. The idea of a Bond style super villain using particle beam weapons & sat's entered my mind's imagination. 


The use of superpowered operatives within a Science Fictional or Science Fantasy setting is a powerful one for me as a DM. And the idea of particle beam weapons leveling the field is also appealing. 2d6 games by their very nature almost call for this sorta of simulation. The idea of an Elon Musk style corporate magnet with access to this style of technology is appealing as too the grey areas of the moral compass that one would have to walk. 
Maybe it's the influence of the Hostile rpg on my lizard brain imagination. But a corporate entity with the ability to manufacture, produce, and possibly launch their own patiented brand of particle beam weapons creates an interesting thumb nail sketch for a rather grey moralled corporate entity. C- Beam Technologies has a nice ring to it. And C- Beams exclusive access to thier patiented particle beam technologies creates opportunities for all kinds of havoc within our campaigns.  More to come! 

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