Saturday, December 31, 2022

Goa'uld On Planet Kaiju -An Alternative Earth Clement Sector Rpg one shot !? - Session Report

 There are times I love being a DM & today was one of em. We played a three sided game of Cepheus Engine in which DM Steve controlled the forces of a systems lord. Again we ran a very different 2d6 game mini adventure using the fan made Stargate Rpg for Traveller available in this thread on Mongoose's forums here. 
And this time the 
Goa'uld unknowingly landed on 'planet Kaiju' out on the fringes of  a 'Clement Sector' so this isn't our 'official' Clement sector campaign. DM Steve had no idea that he was going to be encountering these horrors. 

The first thing that the Goa'uld encountered was a multi tiered science facility & academy. And they were going to land near her. Well that didn't go well as their drop pods alerted more then a few Skull Crawlers. 
Five Skull crawlers made short work of the drop pods & thier occupants. It was glorious! DM Steve wanted to avoid the swamps & deserts. He knows my passion for using certain types of Kaiju. And well that didn't go well with a forrest assault coming face to face with several acid spewing Big Ass Reptiles. 
Now Paul our colony player had a few missions of his own & those included moving out personel or staying to direct the Kaiju under the facility's care. He used the  Rock Critters to take out the next wave of Goa'uld from thier next landing zone. 

Don't mess with  Rock Critters because these things can be vary nasty when they get annoyed. And all Paul had to do as a player was to get word out to the Hub subsector forces! And meanwhile I was going to start bringing in some of the other Kaiju who were annoyed that their home was being invaded. 
Ships of the Clement sector were used to represent the back up ships. 

And when the next wave came I unleashed one of my secret weapons on DM Steve's forces! A 1954 version of Godzilla that had been secreted on the planet ages ago! 
# appearing 1
5/10, Move 30 m, Armor 8, Claw (melee 2d damage) Bite (melee 3D damage), Atomic Breath  (range 100 meters damage 5d), Survival 1,  Combat 3, Melee 1 . Gigantism. Armor, Regeneration, Atomic Breath  (range 100 meters damage 5d), Radiation sickness (See Cepheus Atom for Rules) 

Goa'uld sent in death wings but those were made short work of! And we had to end the game early as our players have work tonight! Planet Kaiju is on the edges of the Subsector Sourcebook: Sequoyah area & well within range of military forces! 

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