Saturday, December 31, 2022

The New Foetodon Updated Adapted From King Kong (2005) For Cepheus Atom & Those Old School 2d6 Science Fantasy Role Playing Campaigns

 Foetodon is a species of large predatory crocodilian from one of the Skull Island land masses seen during the 1930's Venture expediation. These large  predators have carved out a niche on both Skull Island & the Hollow Earth as premeire scavengers. They range from 10 to 15 feet long & are capable of taking off a man's arm quite easily. 

The Foetodon species of large predatory crocodilians have been found on other Earth type worlds as well. Speculation among scientists & other top men is the fact that aliens adapted the species as a top tier scavenger for a wide variety of enviroments. The Foetodon species internal biology has been adapted to feed on a wide spectrum of biological offal & waste. The incredible gut fauna & stomach acids have incredible industurial applicationsThe Foetodon is adapted for both predatory & scavenger roles. 
What makes the   Foetodon species so dangerous is the fact that these monsters use pack tactics to run down prey in jungle & other planetary  enviroments. 
Using a combination of it's snaggled toothed jaws, highly virulant bacteria, & a cocktail of 
anticoagulant venoms the  Foetodon will run down prey. Take a bite & then let it's bite do the rest. Unless treated with modern medicine or super science medical treatments. The bite & massive tissue damage will result in the prey subcombing to it's injuries. Large packs of Foetodon have been known to take down even Skull Crawlers when times are tough. Foetodon are known to feed on Rock Critters within the Hollow Earth & the Big Ass Reptile species are rivals  to massive packs of Foetodon. Many know the Foetodon by thier fearsome roar which causes fear in creatures smaller then human size. Foetodon packs have been used by Mythos species as living security systems for eons. This includes the Serpent Men, Mi Go, & the Desert Dwellers. 

The Foetodon 

# appearing 2d6

5/10, Move 12m, Armor 6, Claw (melee 1d damage) Bite (melee 2D damage), , Survival 1,  Combat 3, Melee 1 . Regeneration ,Venom Bite 2 Damage see rules in Cepheus Atom, Some Foetodon specimens have been lab grown with the Regeneration mutation ( see Cepheus Atom for details), Pack tactics the creature seemingly is able to call 2d6 of it's breathen to it with a subtle roar or other signal. These pack breathen will appear within 3 rounds within a 2 meter area of the signaller. 

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