Sunday, January 17, 2021

Using Two Cultclassic Films As Bridge Gaps Between Hostile rpg, Cepheus Engine Rpg, & Original Traveller rpg - Setting the Battle Field Up

"The bombs fell. Nations wielded varied and monstrous weapons against one another. Fires, clouds of poison, and worse have swept the world. Now only the savage Wastes remain: haunted by mutants, deranged robots, and genegineered monstrosities. But from the fire, heroes and villains rise: tribals, survivors, mutants, all the warped remnants of Humanity. Armed with primitive weapons, pre-Collapse artifacts, and afflicted by strange mutations, they set forth to conquer the wastes, or at least to survive them. By spear and laser, they shall prevail – or die a horrible death."

Gregorius 21778 on MeWe's suggested that for our Cepheus Rpg game that as a Dungeon Master that the film Gunhed should be a possibility. We'll I'm gonna shove that one on the back burner for the moment. And we'll get back to that down the line, while it fits the asethetic of our Hostile rpg campaign.  

Lets change up tactics which is what the gang last night had talked about doing. And instead focus on a far more dangerous combat droid then the old Gunhed. Parson's hammer is a world of A.I. nightmares & one of the best from the 90's isn't the Terminator. Its the M.A.R.K. 13. This is a combat droid on steroids. 

The M.A.R.K. 13 from Hardware is exactly the type of combat droid that is more then capable of taking on a bunch of Xenomorph. The M.A.R.K. 13 is the type of cyber horror that haunted the nightmares of the VHS generation.

I ran across this custom figure from this website, is a great variation on the M.A.R.K. 13 & configuration. But marines encountering these combat droids are in for a very bad time.. 

Arne Niklas Jansson's homepage, which is full of awesome (re-)designs of games and stuff:

Now looking into classic Traveller rpg sources Fan Tac's Space Marines from 1977 is one that have been busted out from the archives. And these guys were pre Games Workshop & tied directly into original Traveller rpg rules.. 

Could group of Imperial marines come in & clean up 'Parson's Hammer?! This was the question in the other night's dungeon master meeting?! The Imperial marines have a long history within our Traveller rpg campaigns of the past. 

Ran across this blog post on the Crossplanes blog about 'Tiny Frontiers, Stars Without Numbers, & Traveller. Among some of the best resources are a Star Wars Traveller rpg fan source book. What we're really doing is taking another look at Cepheus Quantum

Parson's Hammer was a battle site during the 'war of miracles' that allows me to bring in Cepheus Atom into the mix. But the players have no idea of this twist.. yet. But this fits the Hardware asthetic too a tee as these battle fields are sites for all kinds of toxic waste, mugetics, & monsters. Cepheus Atom rpg is s perfect supplement to add into the Hostile rpg mix. 

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