Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The Lulu Mail Call - Hostile rpg Campaign Thoughts

 Mail call & some Cepheus Engine Hostile rpg thoughts today & how to really dig into the reality of some campaign choices. 

Today was spent recovering from last night's game cus it went till about five A.M. & then staggering out the mail box what do we  see but a package from Federal Express!? Awesomely this came out far faster then was expected. 
What was ordered was a copy of the following: 


All of the player's PC's are at the moment in medi tanks & receiving cybernetics after getting slashed up by a Yakuza assassination  squad & running into a really nasty creature inside a haunted starship wreck. 
So now its all a matter of getting the time to have the players bring in some new PC's for this week's game coming up.. 

But with work schedules, Covid, & more our home games are gonna have to take an interesting turn or two. DM Steve has some ideas & we're going to be meeting coming up for our two current Cepheus Engine campaigns. So things are happening with this .. Right now coming up there are at least three or four Eighties & Nineties films in our VHS movie club watch rotation. So there's that.. coming to influence some of the adventure choices. Personally right now my own preferences for Sword of Cepheus has been coming through strongly. 

Right now Allard Technologies is the upstart corporate player in our current campaigns & there's some really shady business out among the stars. 

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