Sunday, January 3, 2021

OSR Moorcockian Frankenstein Session Report - Across The Atlantean Divide

 So after this past holiday's MiGo rush off the PC's failed to complete  Black Blade of the Demon King by Ahimsa Kerp,  & Wind Lothamer from Knight Owl Publishing. The ice world that they were on started to break up. And they decided to go back to the Mi Go base they had encountered a session ago because there could be a portal gate way according to the party's wizard.  We're using quite a few Lamentations of the Flame Princess resources with this campaign. The player's PC's survive a running hide & seek game with the MiGo resulting in some injuries & the death of the party's fighter. 

So they broke into the Mi Go base & then its an all out race to find the Atlantean teleportation circle that came from my friend Steve Miller's blog here. Now if you don't understand what's happening here let me explain very quickly, D20 & in some cases D20 Modern OGL forms the basis for many OSR retroclones & products. Now for a few months now our group has been using Fantastic Heroes & Witchery mixed with Adventurer,Conqeuror,King, rpg & Castles & Crusades. Now all of this comes back to the fact that Swords & Wizardry along with its adventures aligns with all of these resources. And what does this have to do with Stormbringer?!

Everything because when the party stepped through the disk they ended up in what appeared to be a very quant 16th century village complete with back smithy and more!? 
The party steps through the portal & ends up at the end of village. Vilagers rush to help them!? The party is welcomed into the village & the village doctor ends up binding the wounds of our fighter. A small temple to the gods  of Law is within the village & there's a mine further into the quiet rolling countryside.  

In actually the players are on 'Accursed Atlantis' an Atlantean fragment left over ala inspired by  Clark Ashton Smith's writings. This village is actually a mining outpost under the watchful eye of a wizard & cadre of purple knights which are from Fantastic Heroes & Witchery's  Science-Fantasy Classes and Race – PDF
The village burgermeister is eager to have the PC's meet the wizard who owns & runs the village.  The PC's meet with the wizard Garth Arseusi a member of the praying mantis scientist/wizard order from Hawkmoon's world taken directly outta of this book. 

How did I manage that feat?! Using the "Dragon Lords of Melnibone" D20 book, a slap dash book of a D20 adaptation of the Stormbringer rpg Elric rules. And no I'm not going to defend it one bit but what Fantastic Heroes & Witchery does is reorganize & codify the rules into a usable OSR whole for agents of  Law/Chaos/Neutrality. 

All of these D20 & OSR resources line up with Castles & Crusades supplements nicely. And this makes my job as a dungeon master much easier. And also goes back to Adventurer,Conqeuror,King, rpg's use of the humanoid races as pawns & products of Chaos. Something that will be playing a central theme coming up. The wizard Garth isn't insane but very much out of the way of the purview of his empire not knowing of the events on the Tragic Earth. He's actually got a problem with raids by tribes of Chaos mutated humanoids on his mine.Garth has his sights on the party. I grabbed a copy of Clipart Critters 609-OSR Goat Fiend by my buddy Bradley K. McDevitt. A print out of this mutant monster got everyone motived & worried!

The player's PC's have faced down these types of Chaos mutants after I ran Perils of the Young Kingdom last year for my players.The chaos storm was a pain in the arse for the party & the chaos mutants caused all kinds of PC death! 

Will the The Man Who Sold Gods by Geoff Gillan adventure be taking certain stage coming up!? Possibly but there's going to be a lot of customization using the Castles & Crusades Keeper's Guide for this to work. 

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