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The War of the Worlds Godzilla 1898! - A Troll Lord Games Victorious rpg Campaign - Bright Lights & Broken City - The Murder of a Begger King Session Report

 This session picked up over the weekend & starts right after this one here. 

While the rest of the party makes its way to Maple White Land via teleportation disks skipping between the Astral plane to Maple White Land. And the New York Barons (Victorian super hero league) handle the Martians. A very different conflict has taken part in the lower part of New York City's tenaments. The Begger King has met his end at the arrow of the Dark  Fletcher! The Dark  Fletcher whose been killed by a bullet from the barrel of a gun belonging to the second in command of the Begger King.  

Now while the Martian war machines stride their way through the city, the begger king's second in command rifles his desk in the grimmy appartment. But all is not as it seems, inspired by this post from The Nine & Thirty Nine Kingdoms blog the second in command is actually an alien doppleganger. The begger king's network of underworld scum is a network connected with New York's resistence movement. The Begger King himself was a vile villain of the deepest dye who used to surgically alter his victims into crippled beggers who would be magically motivated to work for him by a cadre of dark wizard/surgeons. His underworld network was second to none & now he's dead? 

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Now the Begger King himself was another link  in the chain of the inter planar network of the Slavers orgazination. That's right the 'Begger King' was another member & servant of the slave lords from A0-A4: Against the Slave Lords. 

The alleyways are prowled by the vampire cult of 

Daughters of Iggwilv who have spread across the states from their original home in South America. That's right The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth is found within the plateau of Maple White Land in this campaign. But its guarded by all kinds of horrid monsters. 

Our paladin & his knight partner have called in a specialist to investigate the missing Dark Fletcher. He hasn't been heard from in 3 weeks now & people frankly are starting to talk in the underworld. Two of the Dark Fletcher's assistants have put out a call among the lower levels of the Faerie. And this call has made its way back to the ears of Terrence a half elven demigod. 

Terrence has been an information broker operating out of Nexus the Infinite City since way back in '96 or so. He has motivation to investigate the disappearance given some of his dealings with the vampiric children of  Daughters of Iggwilv in the past. And dust ups with the Begger King's minions in various campaigns. Let's not mention the Slavers either. 
Various alleys,roof tops,etc. are being monitored by Doppleganger children clones. These things are rather nasty & sport a powerful poisonous bite vs regular Castles & Crusades dopplegangers.  The dopplegangers act as go betweens for the human cultists & their powerful Martian masters.   

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Then there's the fact that various Godzilla symbioitic  life forms have appeared in New York City's harbor after one of the Godzilla's battled a small cadre of Martian war machines. Various heroes have had to deal with miniature Ankhegs that have grown due to the strange radiation from Godzilla. Ankheg eggs have fallen off the scales of this zilla. 

Well perhaps or is that they've actually been seeded by the Martians?! The players are still not sure folks but there's more going on.And time will tell. 
Details about the Martian War Machines are from Hunter & Hunters Catalog from the Victorious rpg game  Some of the variant doppleganger's abilities come from Jason Vey's Amazing Adventures's Book of Powers 

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