Wednesday, January 27, 2021

'Playing Out In The Rocks' Cepheus Engine Rpg DM Workshop & Session Report Three

 This session report picks right up where last session  left off

Some healing was done via Aesculaptor Mark III unit ( medical/cyber unit via classic Traveller Cepheus Engine rules )  & her synethic operator. The synethic cyber medi surgeon was quite kind & engaging but a bit too percise for the players. Basically this was an excuse to re equip & upstock on personl items lost during the PC's last mission. 

The cyber medi surgeon sythetic seemed quite familiar to the PC's in a way & they were wondering if their in good hands?! The doctor unit seem quite proud of his medical knowledge & went about doing complete rework ups on the PC's. Cybernetic limbs were attached, bits & pieces were healed, and the operations went well. The New England bouys are being sent to the Daniel Boon space station for a run through by Allard Technologies aboard the USS George Washington a medi ship. 

Done via phone last night the PC's are getting themselves into a salvage mission aboard a wreck at the edges of the solar system. The bouys are worried about their bonuses & company shares at the moment. And there was talk among the players about possible connections to the Memori empire & space pirates traps. But overall the whole thing came off without a hitch until they made it to Danial Boon station. There they were greeted by 
Trader Ka Zee & Her Type R Subsidized Merchant starship("Fat Trader").  The Ka Zee's ship is a legendary A.I. ship & that Allard Technologies has leg up on many of the established corporations within my Hostile rpg campaigns. 

Allard Technologies rents out a portion of the Daniel Boon space station for research & corporate purposes. The whole station is under the control of several other corporate entities using it to study the psionic storm. On board the station the PC's met with the Russian spacer whose lap top kicked off everything. 

 Allard Technologies is an old NPC hub of mine & comes from Mercenaries, Spies, & Private Eyes rpg's supplement Stormhaven. On board the station things were a bit tense until everyone got settled in. And then Ka Zee went into her crossing the psionic storm, the loss of her crew, & her finding her way into this time & space continuum. She knows little of the other ship that followed in her hyperspace wake. The Russians & Allard technologies picked her up & brought her into Daniel Boon station. 

The wreck that followed in her wake contains an unknown & highly valuable radioactive compound unknown to the corporations & the Russians. Two Russian corporations are in a locked 'shadow war' with one side helping Allard Technologies because Allard has investiments. And the other a Russian mafia hold over whose desparate to make a name for themselves on the world stage. The lap top contains everything up till this point & possibly more from the Russian agent/spacer who got a hold of all of this. The rivals have been trying to kill him ever since. The Tigers forces are going to be doing point security on this mission. Recently  DM Greg's wife gifted me  Zozer Games Orbital 2100  setting book & Mars Mission. These technologies despite being a hundred & twenty five years old are still in operation within our campaign. This is a war time econmy & reliable means solid technologies
this was after reading a comment by Hostile rpg author Paul Elliot on Drivethrurpg; "In a way my later setting HOSTILE is the Orbital setting, 125 years later ... but with the caveat of hyperspace and anti-gravity" 

Orbital 2100 fits Allard Technologies Eighties inspired future history & why the company is so invested in the happenings of the solar system. This new wreck is an unknown quantity but far too valuable to leave out by the psionic storms. I'm sure that the wreck is perfectly safe... End of Mission briefing report.. 

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