Monday, January 4, 2021

A Post Apocalyptic Cross Dimensional Western Campaign Set Up For the Cepheus Rpg System On Budget

 You wanna hunt vampires in the wastelands of the West?! Don't want to spend an arm & spleeen to get your dimensional rip in the local space time continuum!? We've got you covered in spades pard, so saddle up & let's ride! Don't forget your stake & holy water! 

So the gaunlet's been cast down & things were said on MeWe so let's talk about building a quick & dirty Rifts rpg style horror/occult game campaign from the ground up. The first thing we're need are the Cepheus Engine rpg  , the Sword of Cepheus fantasy rpg, Under Western Skies: 2D6 Adventure on America's Frontier & Cepheus Atom. You are ready to put together a Rifts style occult game to rock on for less then the cost of a Rifts rpg book. Want weird mutations for your aliens, mutants, etc. rock on with  Cepheus Atom.

Want power armor for your PC's to find in the wastelands?! Here this baby straight outta of Cepheus Atom - 2 2500 Powered Armor 14 DM+4 to all Physical throws, DM+1 tohit in melee, power cell charger, accessories as per Combat Armor. And this goes straight across. Want to design your own mecha or ve-hickles?! Well the Cepheus Engine Vehicle Design System From Samardan Press has you covered! 

Want super heroes for this dimension warp or tear in the fabric of space time!? Author Michael Brown has you covered with 2d6 Powers

Who wants demons & a horror magic system for the bad guys & NPC's?!  Diabolox from Michael Brown has you covered in that direction as well. 

Finally some excellent maps of the Western United Stats thanks to Wiki commons & you are ready to go with the option to take your game into space without spending any additional hard earned dollars! 

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