Monday, January 18, 2021

Beta Max Black - War Among The Stars - Stars Without Numbers & Cepheus Engine Rpg Campaign Session Set Up Mark II

 This blog post is going to pick up right from last night's session report. Because game events have been heating up. 

The player's PC's made it back with the A.I. from the mecha from last night's game after Greg's marine Private Strawberry Shortcake was pushed infront of the M.A.R.K. 13. This was done  by his wife Cathy's character so the rest of the party could escape. RIP Shortcake your sacrifice will not be in vein. Greg was being a dick & holding up the game. He got in his wife's way & she took matters into her own hands for the party. No one went back for his dog tags because they were too busy escaping in the marine's ship. A bunch of Imperial marines had to land to do clean up after the events on Parson's hammer. 

And this blog post  is going to pick up in the Talon sector & marine head quarters  which crosses over into this blog post here.  The marine's tech com department is going over the A.I.'s life history & comes across several star maps of  sectors of space that have been closed since the psionic storms have kicked up. The A.I. brain  knew the hyperspace time space corridors needed to open up several 'lost' sectors of space. This is where we'll be using Star Without Number Revised for the Talon sector material . These are some of the sources  to convert back & forth between Cepheus Engine & Stars Without Number'. 

Here's some of my sources: 
Stars Without Number Vs Original Traveller 

Mixing Traveller & Stars Without Number 

Traveller vs Stars Without Number 

The Earth Empire is hotly interested in those sectors because they've been cut off for so long from the interstellar scene. The Pan Asian Coalition agent among the marines has already turned her copy of the AI over to her employer. But in New England a small & very aggressive company is already  hellbent on making contact with the former colony worlds during the Earth Empire's greatest period. This could be very bad indeed as the Million Star Empire could rush in & take over 'The United Planets' without a second thought. Could psionics be having visions about the Godstar?

"Within the Million Sun Empire sits a desert world orbiting a sentient star: god-himself-the Godstar. Pilgrims flock to it with their offerings. The Godstar's oracles gives out advice, formulae, prognostications and strategy. It is a holy world. But war forced industrialisation on the planet Aurelia, causing social tension and conflict.

A new noble house, House Pelinor, has been granted the fiefdom of Aurelia, but it has many enemies: the local Utani Sand Men, the priests of the Church of the Godstar, the rival House Arakan that it deposed, local crimelords and even the Skygazers, those wandering mystics who claim to speak with the Godstar as they meditate whilst staring up at the blazing disc. They have paranormal powers."

Members of the Pan Asian Colition know the ancient threat  of the Church of the Godstar's armies. They have their own psionics looking into certain ruins out among the asteroid fields along the border of the psionic storms. Places where the Memori Empire pirate fleets have been waiting for blood. And along those same fields miners & prospectors move among the debris, asteroids, & worldlets. There are secrets among those fields. Deadly secrets waiting & dangling using Zozer Games Roughnecks. 

The New England Bouys have just picked up a corporate sponsor in last night's campaign session but that's a blog post coming up. 
Meanwhile the Earth Empire is still relatively cut off from the rest of the universe. How did things get this way?! This was caused by Dr. Hans Reinhardt taking the secrets of antigravity & certain aspects of gravity drive FTL with him when he stole the USS Cynus. 

 Dr. William Weir, followed in the footsteps of Reinhardt  & everyone knows of the second greatest space disaster  in history  with the U.S.S. Event Horizon. Its only a matter of time before the interstellar scene heats up. 

Unblinking eyes watch from the shadows & there are already whispers among the scientist & sorcerer classes among the Greys. And there are those members of the Akira Cosairs who follow the ways of the Varta who know some of the horrors that wait for our heroes. 

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