Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Review & Overview of Outlaw: Crime in Clement Sector by John Watts From Independence Games For Cepheus Engine rpg & Original Traveller Rpg

" As with all societies, crime is a part of Clement Sector.  It is a constant throughout history and the future is no different. Some player characters may be engaged in criminal activities while other characters may be members of law enforcement trying to stop such criminals. 

Outlaw: Crime in Clement Sector details crime throughout the setting and how each of the many independent worlds of Clement Sector feel about such crimes.  From Arson to Treason, from the "street" level to the boardroom, you'll find it detailed here."

Cathy one of my players sent me Outlaw: Crime in Clement Sector after we took a week off from gaming because of everyone's work schedule. And also to give me some time to catch up on writing up the Cepheus Engine Game Campaign 

Outlaw: Crime in Clement Sector by John Watts was  recommendation came from my player Cathy whose had some experience with runnning Cepheus Engine & original Traveller rpg games. You wouldn't necessarily think that such a lovely lady would would be into this type of a campaign?! But missing 'Breaking Bad' will do that to a person according to her?! Author John Watts knows his stuff & this is a really well designed source book of the crimes & their rewards & consquences. But there's so much more here, clocking in at one hundred & twenty nine pages of high crimes & their effects this book dives into the underworld with gusto & a real sense of crimal style. But what Outlaw: Crime in Clement Sector really does is takes the Clement sector & turns it to its underworld shadowy counter part.There's a sense of the neo noir underworld of Clement sector here that contrasts with the glitz of the Clement Sector book's setting contents.  There is a lot of stuff that Outlaw: Crime in Clement Sector  gets right from the low life life style to the high brow crime of the sector. This a book that set's the pace & the tone in one hundred & twenty nine pages. 

But are there criminal adventures to be had in the Clement Sector?! In a word oh yes! There's hooks, mini games, lots of support for the criminal campaign & its parts or pieces within the Clement Sector setting . John Watts does an excellent job from the ground up to take game campaigns in a direct that works with less baggage. This approach for many of the Cepheus Engine rpg products means that you get to play right away. This is also true of the Outlaw: Crime in Clement Sector book as well. The gaming  underworld meat of the book is solid & over all works very well with the Independent Games Clement Sector: The Rules.

the Independent Games Clement Sector: The Rules. is the Clement Sector's version of the Cepheus Engine rule book. It takes the rules & bends them into the Clement Sector's campaign setting so that the DM doesn't have to do all of the heavy lifting. He or she can get to playing quickly & efficiently without the baggage of the gaming material getting in the way. 

For us who have had twenty or thirty plus years of old school Traveller under our belt there's something to be said for being on the wrong side of the law. If your expecting John Wick action shoot em up look elsewhere. If you want a good, solid,  Neo-noir Science Fiction based & at times brutal look at PC's doing things on the wrong side of the law? Then I highly suggest Outlaw: Crime in Clement Sector by John Watts

You can find more of 
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Special Thanks to DM Cathy & her husband Greg  for raining lots of OSR & Cepheus rpg goodness on me today! You guys are the best! 

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