Thursday, January 7, 2021

Quick Commentary on The Hostile rpg by Paul Elliott from Zozer Games For The Cepheus Engine & The Classic Traveller rpg

 "HOSTILE is a gritty, near future roleplaying setting for the 2D6 Cepheus Engine rules that is inspired by movies like Outland and Alien. It is a universe of mining installations, harsh moons, industrial facilities, hostile planets and brutal, utilitarian spacecraft. 

And out here the Unknown is real – it is horrific: there are rumors of the disturbing side-effects of hyperspace, of ancient horrors entombed on icy moons, and of monsters – killer aliens, perfectly evolved to survive the hostile wastes of space – at any cost!"

My first impression of the Zozer games Hostile  rpg is that apparently Paul Elliott has been looking at my old Blockbuster rental account there are some really sweet Eighties & Nineties sci fi action  films on here. Hostile rpg clocks in at a whopping three hundred pages of gritty Alien bashing fun! This is Cepheus Engine goodness with a 1970s 2D6 RETRO RULES engine modified out for this style of 'Bug hunt' game but man there's so much that can be done with the Hostile rpg. 

Now I've covered the 1970's 2d6 Retro Rules in the past & Hostile is three shades to the wind different. These are expansive, expressive, gritty, & nasty easily able to handle a mercenary game out on the edges of known space. Or busting heads on some cyberpunk pirate ship sitting in the middle of hyperspace. And the technology is understandable by 90's standards even if it is retro technology. And this is part of its charm from a sci fi geek's perspective. But this is a rather nasty & dangerous universe. 

But the Hostile rpg is a nasty universe that begs to be gamed in. And so its three hundred pages of gaming sci fi gritty Blade runner style universe comes with 'The Hostile Technical Manual'. Now given my profession this guy here is a sucker for alternative retrofuture technology. And its a very well written free supplemental download for the Hostile rpg. 

And there's the Hostile Toolkit another free supplement but what is it; "This book is an equipment list for Cepheus Engine (and the Hostile setting). The equipment listed in this book has been taken from all of the HOSTILE books published by Zozer Games so far, in particular: the HOSTILE rulebook, Marine Corps Handbook 2215, Dirtside and Zaibatsu" 

So in other words there's a ton of support material for the Hostile rpg & the universe is perfect for running through a very grit & gritty Eighties inspired sci fi action based Cepheus Engine rpg campaign from the ground up. You get all of the tools & more. Zozer Games is fast becoming my second favorite Cepheus Engine dealer erm rpg seller. 
And yes the Hostile rpg game could work with These Stars Are Ours campaign setting & we'll get into the how & why next time.. 

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