Thursday, September 21, 2023

First Impressions Of The Wretched New Flesh - Second Edition Rpg By The Red Room

"Wretched New Flesh - Second Edition RELEASED! Now available at the Red Room store,

and . Wretched New Flesh transports players to a dystopian future inspired by the dark visions of William S. Burroughs, David Cronenberg, William Gibson, JG Ballard and Clive Barker. "

"This surreal future-noir roleplaying game setting combines elements of cyberpunk, biopunk, and psi punk to create a nightmarish world where libertarianism and unchecked corporate power lead to decadence, violence, and oppression. 648 pages stock full of new setting information and expanded rules (hacking, forensics, investigation, city building, etc)."

Wretched New Flesh - Second Edition Rpg was sent to me by it's authors the other day. And WNF 2nd is a six hundred & forty eight page beast of an Rpg. Wretched New Flesh takes place in the not so distant future or is it?! This is a surreal Science Fictional and Fantasy universe with a Neo Noir asthetic. And Earth as we have known it has changed in dramatic ways. According to Wretched New Flesh 2nd edition; "In this alternate reality, instead of reintegrating the International Zone territory (formerly administered by France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, and the United States) back into Tangiers, the Moroccan state made a deal with an international conglomerate of several corporations interested in investing in northern Africa." Now imagine that the future of Earth is controlled by some of the most evil and dangerous corporations to manufacture the world in which we live. The world of the mega city of  Avalidad has changed & expanded.  
Basically, the newer incarnation of the  Wretched Rpg rules have been back incorporated into the 
Wretched New Flesh - Second Edition Rpg, and most of the optional Wretched New Flesh optional rules have been reigned into the newest incarnation. And best of all it's 99.0% cross compatible with all of the other Wretchedverse rpg titles.

But is it worth grabbing The Wretched New Flesh - Second Edition Rpg?! In a word oh yes! The Red Room has pulled out all of the stops and the mega city of  Avalidadis even more dangerous. You've got new factions, back compitability, new takes on monsters and NPC's, old NPC's upgraded, dangerous cracks in New Flesh's reality as the Beyond takes hold. New threats, and old threats threading thier way through the adventures within the mega city of  Avalidad. The powers & princedoms of the Beyond have been upgraded as well. There's lots and lots of changes to the Wretched New Flesh setting that we know and love. 
Is Wretched New Flesh Second edition actually usable?! In a word yes! T
he mega city of  Avalidad can host anything from OSR super heroes to surreal horror plus more! 

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