Thursday, September 28, 2023

OSR Commentary - On Order - The Clement Sector Third Edition Rpg Book from Independence Games

 So tonight after talking it over with my players I took advantage of the Cyberpunk sale on Drivethrurpg to grab a physical copy of the Clement Sector rpg book in hardcover. For the past couple of weeks our Clement Sector campaign has been on hold. 

The 2d6 Space Western has been a favorite at our table top now for over a year now. Rogues, scholars, bounty hunters, and mad men have all been met at the crossroads of the Clement Sector. The game setting runs the gamit from exploration to full on criminal enterprises that our group has played through. The Clement sector book is six hundred & seventy three pages long!The Clement Sector has been a very expansive campaign setting for our Cepheus Engine rpg action. 
There are a couple of reasons that the Clement Sector has been one of our go too Cepheus Engine settings. First there is the fact that there's plenty of room to drop in real exploration. Second the fact that the Clement Sector is a humancentric setting. There is alien life but it's mostly of the alien animal lifeform variety. The story behind the Clement sector is the fact that it is cut off from the Earth home world. The blackness around the sector is literally unexplored and there's plenty of room to add in your own stamp. 
 The Clement Sector had been attached to the Earth Sector before the wormhole (or "Conduit" as it was called) the wormhole collapsed and the Clement found itself left to fend themselves, separated from Earth. And this has led to the The Clement Sector being divided by twelve sub-sectors with 335 planets (with many planets or sectors haven't actually been discovered). These planets are unique with thier own histories, cultures,militaries, etc. And there are plenty of room for unique and undiscovered planets or entire subsectors. And this is the beauty of the Clement Sector the setting feels like a Space Western with the blackness of space that could literally hold anything.  Now I've reviewed the Clement Sector rpg before on this blog but it's an awesome variation on the 2d6 Cepheus Engine Rpg. 

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