Wednesday, September 6, 2023

OSR Review & Commentary On CAMELOT: Fantasy roleplaying using FASERIPopedia! By Johnathan Nolan

 Using the retroclone superhero rules in FASERIPopedia, expand your game and run a whole fantasy roleplaying game using this sourcebook! OR -

"Embrace the world of King Arthur, one hundred of his Knights of the Round Table, their enemies, their Castles and Keeps, Abbeys, monsters, Magical Items and so much more!"

"Full rules for Knights, their Squires, Princesses, Sorceresses, Wizards, Witches, Men-at-Arms and Women-at-Arms and so many different creatures, people - one hundred entries detailing Knights of the Round Table, a gazette of the entire world of Camelot with locations and adventures and adventure suggestions, the whole sourcebook is devoted to giving you a fantasy roleplaying game campaign ready to roll- either using one of the King Arthur variants - youthful, heroic, old and silly - or just using the fantasy gaming elements minus the Arthuriana - or any mix you want to use!"

"The Bestiary lists all kinds of threats, and the encounter charts feature day and night variations for each type of environment as well as "overheard conversations", treasure chart, key and lock chart and even a traps and protections chart to generate random traps or other defensive measures!"" 

Anyone that knows me as a dungeon master & player knows that I take chances. And Driveby is having a sale & so I decided to take a chance on some FASERIPopedia! rpg titles. This included CAMELOT: Fantasy roleplaying using FASERIPopedia!. Now anyone whose in 'the know' realizes that FASERIP is the base system for TSR classic Marvel Super Heroes. Big shout out to Killer Shrike  from the Marvel Canon Project on Facebook. He turned me on to these titles and then guided me through on these. It was an add in Nexus magazine that sold me. Nexus isn't a gaming magazine but a conspiracy & esoteric  magazine that I used read when designing material for the Dark Conspiracy rpg. 
CAMELOT: Fantasy roleplaying using FASERIPopedia! is the end all and be all of FASRIP Camelot and Arthurian rpging. Camelot  uses a variety of public domain comic book and Arthurian lore into a pleasing package in three hundred & seventy eight pages. And Camelot  does it with PC options, customizable Camelot adventure locations, knight and courtly romance as well as much more. CAMELOT: Fantasy roleplaying brings home a variety of Camelot adventure options for campaign use because that's exactly what this is. CAMELOT: Fantasy roleplaying is a full blown FASRIP fantasy campaign done in a way that has excellent editing and very well edited pages. 
Now how would I use CAMELOT: Fantasy roleplaying? An excellent question and the answer is two fold..  Basically I had  the Marvel Super Heroes Rpg: the Unofficial Canon Projects Marvel Super Hereos rpg Golden Age of Heroes book printed out, spiral bound, with a colour cover & black/white interior. CAMELOT: Fantasy roleplaying would be excellent to use with Marvel Super Heroes Rpg Golden Age of Heroes World War II campaign setting.

Arthurian heroes were all of the rage during World War II the Golden Ages of the comic book. And it's easy to see where and when CAMELOT: Fantasy roleplaying could be used to enhance a campaign. Don't worry we're not done yet. 
Affectively we can use Camelot FR to great effect to create a customized campaign setting for FASRIP all by itself.
Because Camelot: Fantasty Roleplaying is part campaign and part sourcebook it's very easy to add it into other  logarithmic mathatically powered rpg's. And this includes Autarch's Ascendant Rpg which has an engine that it's author has provided conversions for.

This includes FASRIP powered rpg's where Marvel/FASERIP to Ascendant Rpg do the following:

MIG should be equal to lesser of STR or END
AGI should be equal to AGIL
VAL should be equal to FIGHTING
RES should be equal to PSYCHE
INS should be equal to REASON
CHA should be equal to INTUITION

Feeble = 1 SP
Poor = 2 SP
Typical = 3 SP
Good = 4 SP
Excellent = 5 SP
Remarkable = 7 SP
Incredible = 9 SP
Amazing = 11 SP
Monstrous = 13 SP
Unearthly = 15 SP
Shift X = 16 SP
Shift Y = 17 SP
Shift Z = 18 SP
Class 1000 = 20 SP
Class 3000 = 24 SP
Class 5000 = 30 SP

So is CAMELOT: Fantasy roleplaying using FASERIPopedia! worth the money?! In a word it is because it expands the options for super heroes rpg's and FASRIP. And Camelot does an excellent job with bells on! 

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