Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Review & Commentary On Quantum Dark Rpg By Robert Garitta,Omer Golan-Joel, & Josh Peters From Stellagama Publishing

 "Strange locations. Things humanity was not meant to know. Desperate people struggling against an unknown horror. Old crumbling buildings, with their own sinister character. Police and government will not, or are not, permitted to listen. Quantum Dark is a lightweight but complete horror ruleset pitting heroes against the horrors of the universe. It is suitable to modern gaming, from the 1920's to the 2020's, but can be easily modified to medieval or futuristic settings." 

"All that is needed to play this game are this booklet, two or more six- sided dice, writing instruments and supplies, and a dark sense of imagination."

"Quantum Dark is compatible with Stellagama Publishing's Quantum Starfarer - unleash comsic horrors upon your spacefarers! Also compatible Stellagama Publishing's with Barbaric! 2E - bring mythical horrors into your Quantum Dark campaign!" 

Quantum Dark clocks in at twenty nine pages of Quantum Cepheus Engine 2d6  horror action! This is is an rpg supplement design in full on ulitity and class. Everything in 
Quantum Dark is full on horror rpg design from the first page to the last. This is a complete 2d6 horror game in twenty nine pages & it has all of the tools for a lean, mean, 2d6 horror campaign game. Everything is here to begin play all you need is players. 
Stellagama knocks it out with a very machine like OSR horror game with everything needed to play from beginning PC design to monsters right on down. This is a solid little rpg and it's well designed with cutting edge layout, easy to read fonts, and tight little 2d6 Quantum engine rpg hiding under the hood. 
The rpg engine is designed & written around the winning 2d6 mechanics with solid table top ideas for horror within Quantum Dark. 
And everything here in Quantum Dark is geared for Cepheus Engine rpg family action. Want to add horror into your 
Barbaric! 2E Sword & Sorcery campaign? You can easily do that. Want a modern take with a more traditional 2d6 horror game? You can have that too easily. Quatum Dark adds all of those elements and more. 

The Quantum Dark rpg does exactly what it says on the tin and more. It has everything that a 2d6 game needs taken down to the wire of it's design bringing a tight and powerful 2d6 experience. Even geting Quantum Dark for the horror reference is worth it in my humble opinion. the design works on so many levels with tight writing, excellent playability, hard core ulility, and an actually useful game. So much so that I bought it myself. 

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