Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Review & Commentary On Horde Wars Basic D12 Rpg System By Blackwall Games

 "Horde Wars is a fast paced Medieval Fantasy D12 RPG.  Horde Wars Basic includes the first four levels of play and over 100 Beasts, Monsters and NPCs to battle.  Character creation rules, a starting adventure, sample town, and treasure generation tables are included.  There are also seven pre-generated Characters." 

So I grabbed Horde Wars Basic tonight at the recommendation of a friend. Horde Wars Basic is a D12 based system and one that I've been wanting  to grab. For the past couple of months through the OSR grape vine there have been drips and drabs coming out about Horde Wars Basic.

Horde Wars Basic D12 Rpg System By Blackwall Games is a complete rpg pdf of close to 194 pages for five dollars over at Big Geek Emporium. What sets Horde Wars Basic apart is three things. 1. Horde Wars Basic is a complete game unto itself. Horde Wars allows you to play a human, dwarf, halfling, elf, or orc straight up.  Horde Wars has sample adventures, complete rules, NPC monsters, etc. all ready to go. And it does this by keeping rules based around the D12 rpg system.  Careers include knights,deep delver, assassin, skald, viking, warlord, etc. the system is easy to learn, fast paced, and very quick on it's feet. The HW rpg is a light weight easy to access rpg. The game is very much the child of the 'world's most popular fantasy rpg but Horde Wars Basic is it's own entity.  Horde Wars Basic hits different because it's systems are geared for starting to play straight out of the box. Five to ten minutes for character creation and then  your character race, start rolling your stats, selecting your class, getting your starting gear and then, let the session begin! It's that simple. Roll a d12 against a skill or a challenge, add modifiers and measure success or failure.
Horde Wars Basic D12 Rpg System is set up for actual play from a one shot to a full on campaign this rpg can handle the style of play that you want. This is a very well constructed rpg from the ground up! Hoard Wars Basic favors the players with a unique OSR style of game that has everything you need to get into the world of Horde Wars Basic . The game comes with sample adventures, NPC's, monsters and more. At five dollars I highly recommend Horde Wars Basic D12 Rpg System for the OSR DM & players who are looking for a streamlined and different style of fantasy rpg. 

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