Monday, September 11, 2023

OSR Review & Commentary On Vice: Sandcove Under Fire by The Red Room For The Wretched Role Playing Game

 "The job consumes you, sucking away your humanity day by day. Maybe you still cling to some semblance of ideals, or maybe you’ve embraced the dog-eat-dog law of the streets.

Either way, you’re in too deep to get out clean… The criminals and crooked cops you deal with are not cardboard cut-outs, but complex souls wrestling with their own demons. Even the worst monsters have some shred of humanity left…or do they? In Sandcove, ethical lines blur fast. How far will you go to get the job done? What will be left of your soul afterwards?" 

"At home, your personal life crumbles. Your ex-wife hounds you for alimony you can’t pay. Your kids are estranged, caught up in their own troubles. You hit the bottle hard most nights, trying to drown out the screams that echo in your mind. This city chews up good people and spits them out as husks. So what does that make you? A hero fighting for justice? Or just another poor devil trying to survive?"

Vice: Sandcove Under Fire by The Red Room isn't your usual Eighties homage setting that clocks in at three hundred & twenty four pages. Vice is actually an upgrade campaign setting taking place within Sand Cove. Sand Cove is the Miami Vice city setting tribute. Sand Cove is the actually the campaign city that you want for the Wretchedverse. Why?! Because the Wretched Role Playing Game needs it's major crime city & Vice: Sandcove Under Fire does that by plugging into the Eighties Saturday night crime line up; "Vice: Sandcove Under Fire is a Wretched Role-Playing Game supplement for maverick cops, low-down punks, gangsters and other lost souls living in the blurred lines between good and evil. This is an updated and expanded version of Vice: Sandcove Gets the Blues. More setting, more characters, a city guide, more plot hooks, new introductory scenarios and optional rules for forensic sciences, hostage negotiation, crime scene investigation, gang generation, vehicle chases and more." 

Vice: Sandcove Under Fire brings the neon Eighties crime & vice into your PC's lives as cop or criminal or both. Take the usual Eighties & Nineties cop shows spin liberally with Wretched Role Playing Game. What we get is Vice: Sandcove Under Fire & the setting screams out for ganger, drug dealers, & other scum PC's. If your thinking Red Room 'cops & robbers' think again. What we actually have within Sandcove is the perfect breeding ground for a Mafia war campaign or a bounty hunter style mini campaign. Sandcove is well written, easily readable with easy fronts, it's well laid out material, & all around worth the money. 
What Sandcove adds is tons of options from vehicles, vehicle chases, and more. Want to do a 'Mad Max meets Maimi Vice?' you can easily do it! 
Sandcove could be easily be connected with Wretched Vigilantes for gang and crime busting action with spandex wearing bastards! Vice: Sandcove Under Fire has all of the tools to give even experienced supers bloody noses or worse! 

Vice: Sandcove Under Fire brings the crime and fire. Sandcove doesn't pull the punches but has some solid material for a Seventies, Eighties, or even a Nineties crime ridden urban campaign. Vice: Sandcove has all of the makings of an excellent urban location based campaign setting for your own Wretched rpg sessions. 

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