Saturday, September 30, 2023

The HOSTILE Situation Report 009 - Extraction - A Zaibatsu/Hostile Mini Campaign On Colony World - Tau Ceti Session Report 6

 Tau Ceti five was an interesting little romp with the PC's having to work with thier rivals 'The Coldwell group from last game session here on the blog. The September group went in hard with them putting thier mecha in to help with running miners and others on Tau Ceti five. This latest romp found the September group dealing with the local conditions with the wind whipping the paint off of thier military hardware quite nicely. What they didn't expect was to come under Chinese heavy fire. The Chinese mercs want the  final shipment of precious endopalladium waiting in a warehouse nearby. This follows closely with events depicted in  Paul Elliot's latest Hostile Situation Report #9 - Extraction. 

But we expanded way beyond the situation report because we had Chinese corporate  forces on the ground that had no business being there. And this became the focus for our party's cyberdoc. There was something 'off in his words' about the soldier's movements. And this is where we captured one of the Chines soldiers and something was way off about the guy. 
A quick once over by Sawbones our cyberdoc found one of Tau Ceti five's parasites wrapped around his brain stem. This explained the weird troop movemebt but not why they were trying to hijack the endopalladium. 
The Coldwell group's mercenaries had serveral modifications to them that made it very uncomfortable for the parasites to infect them. 

Conclusion the Coldwell group knew going into Tau Ceti five that there were Chinese corporate mercenary forces on the ground making extraction of the miners and the precious endopalladium a hazard. A then there's the creepy android scientist who keeps showing up with our party. This mission had corporate set up all over it. The Coldwell group uses equipment and tactics from Moon Toad  publishing's Bounty Hunter's Handbook 

And our creepy android scientist unit code named 'Roddy' wanted any parasites saved for him that were extracted. This didn't sit really well with the rest of the party. Did mention that our friendly Roddy unit looks exactly like a young Roddy McDowell from the classic Seventies show 'Fantastic Voyage'. And it also has the same moral compass as the character from the same show?! 

Now asside from the fire fight and some near hits from the miners. The September group managed to secure the precious endopalladium and the Roddy unit while stranding the Coldwell group on Tau Ceti five!
They have samples of the neural parasite, the Roddy android in thier brig, and two Chinese soldiers on ice. They also have several miner witnesses whose contracts they've taken on for thier own. 
The September Group fears that the neural parasites are part of the set up they encountered when they took on the Invaders from Attack Squadron Roswell. 
Thier heading back to meet up with thier troop transport & base to have the whole thing researched and analazed. 

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