Friday, September 1, 2023

Arduin,Barsoom,& Tegel Manor - Worlds Without Number & Cities Without Number Rpg

Over the years Worlds Without Number continues to come up on the pile of books that needs to be exploited. Now with the release of Cities Without Number it's time to put some of our campaigns ideas into focus from of the past. Campaigns I've run in the past especially with Tegel Manor. 

Martin Ralya from a 2014  Rpg Geek entry  captures what makes Tegel Manor so damn good in his comments; "This is such a cool module. One paragraph of backstory, and then straight to the funhouse -- and what a funhouse it is: dozens of rooms, a separate dungeon, portraits with magical effects, monsters jammed into every corner, magical statues, and weird encounter after weird encounter. Every room gets just a sentence or two of description, the sort of brevity I love in modules.

The huge map of the manor is fantastic, as is the player map showing only its outline; that's a nice touch. In 29 pages (discounting the covers and table of contents), plus a map, this module covers a tremendous amount of ground. It feels much, much longer than that.

Tegel Manor is nutty as a fruitcake, and I love it. It looks like a hoot to play, and would take a good many sessions to explore fully.

Added bonus: best typo in a module ever, "sunopsises" for "synopses.""

Our Tegel Manor was a time and planar jumping haunted fun house of horror that moved from one plane to another. The valley and all of the environs of the haunted house travelled with it. We had a brief run recently with it. 
Lately it's got me thinking about Worlds Without Number & the fact that the manor figured so high within our Mars/Barsoom games in the past. 

Now if the manor can appear anywhere. Could this massive haunted house appear within a massive cyberpunk urban cityscape & yes I'm thinking about a massive urban crawl using Cities Without Number with classic Tegel Manor. 
So if the manor wanders across time & space & we've had portals to Barsoom near the manor in the past. Then it makes perfect sense that these portals would also crossover with the Nexus gates of Arduin. 

Now in the past I've had the manor appear on a post apocalpytic Empire of the Petal Throne Mars via the  same gateway that  opens onto the Mars of Empire of the Petal Throne's Rpg via Brett Slocum's Warriors of The Lost Planet free Warriors of the Red Planet Add on campaign book.  And this goes back into my own take on the classic Barsoomian books. 

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