Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The Outworld setting As An Alternative Hostile rpg Campaign.

 When it comes to the Hostile rpg, we been talking about going back to the Outworld campaign we started ages ago using Hostile rpg rules. The reasons for this are myriad but it comes to the fact that the players love the September group Сентябрьская группаq organization that they've been using as thier over arching campaign corporation. 

We've basically filled in some of the Hostile rpg corporations and the Outworld campaign's corporations as rival factions within our games. We've got the Kosmos68 Soviets going head to head with some of the American and Japanese concerns. This has give me as one of the DM's a bit of a leg up when it comes to picking and choosing which ends of the setting are hitting the interstellar stage. 
And with the Hostile bundle of Holding going on. The players are more in line for getting in even more suppliments for Hostile. 
This isn't a bad thing it just means that as a DM I've got to think on my feet. 
And it also means that Zaibatsu is going to get even more of a work out at the table top level. There are three reasons for this. Fast PC generation, quick combat, and lethal rules. 
The Soviets have thier own section of space carved out but they have secrets. From the fact that they've been dealing with an alien threat to the fact that they've got psionists. The Soviet corporations are barely making ends meet. 


The player's PC's have already faced down several deadly threats. And because of the fact that thier mercenaries they've taken everything in stride. But for how much longer?! 
The Soviets know that there's some heavy duty weirdness happening among the stars. The September group has already encountered both flying saucers, and the alien threats that go with them. 

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