Sunday, September 17, 2023

The HOSTILE Situation Report 008 - Life Cycle - A Zaibatsu/Hostile Mini Campaign On Colony World - Tau Ceti Session Report 4

 Let's  pick it up from last week's game. Our player's freaked at thier 'comrades' shaking and foaming at the mouth quite literally. And then the player's PC's with thier two flame throwers without heistation!! Rifles were trained on the 'scientist' that the PC's were escorting and that's when the evac order came in from our PC's employer. 

This session picks up with us using  HOSTILE Situation Report 008 - Life Cycle on the alien jungles of Tau Ceti. Needless to say that as soon as our party dropped the 'scientist' back to his people. Everyone in the party hit medical at the base to scanned, probed, and radiation bombarded to kill any alien life forms they may have encountered. 
The players were not comfortable at all! It was glorious to see the effects of a good solid bit of paranoia that I had inserted into the session. 

Tau Seti has been less then welcoming to our Soviet mercenaries in the alien jungles. And getting thier next assignment was both a shock and surprise. Imagine if you will that the mercenary corporation defaults on thier corporate loan. Now imagine if for a moment that you've got to collect said military asset for the corporate bank in one piece. Tau Ceti is a mega world of alien fauna and flora. And the idea of legally stealing three hover vehicles from the mercenary base of a group of rivals was a challenge my players loved. 

The player's PC's were inserted 10 klicks from thier rivals base & given explicited instructions to incapacitate but not kill any soldiers encountered. Everything was going to plan except for the giant man catcher plant that the party encountered! Knives and brute force plus some lucky die rolls took the thing out.  But they attracted the attentions of a Jabberwocky or two. The party did the sensible thing and actually ran away. 
And this is when they ran into a party of bountry hunters who were sent in too grab a wayward runner who is being employed by the September group's rivals. I rolled these NPC's up using Zaibatsu & Moontoad publishing's Bounty Hunter's Handbook. For once the party decided not to start shooting and ask questions later. The party didn't find out what umm modifications the bounty dogs have. 

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