Sunday, September 3, 2023

Stars Without Number Game Session Three - Phaseworld & Trey Causey's Strange Stars Campaign - Radiant Polity Problems

 Let's pick up from our sessions where we left off here with the player's PC's getting into the groove of Phaseworld. The PC's picked the warrior Yub Gorkin a rather excentric Thrax warrior that they literally bought from the Slavers along with his equipment.

Acroyear by Pat Broderick 

The crew of Lakota were able to get Yub under contract as hired muscle & 'problem solving' after awakening him from Cryo. The parameters of the contract included meals, medical, combat training, and violence qoutes!  The Lakota delivered colony supplies & habits to a local 250 million light year location. And they successfully got paid. 

Then it was off to another drop zone on the outskirts of the former  Radiant Polity worlds. Here they were to pick up a very special cargo. A cryo pod in the green awaited the faithful crew. 
And this didn't sit well with the crew of the Lakota. After a few tense minutes, Yub defused the situation by stating that live cargos violated the letter of the cargo contract of the Lakota.

The crew came face to face with one of the former  Radiant Polity super humanoids. And were able to wiggle out of contract with some very fancy foot work. Jack Kirby's Lightray was the image I used for Beta Tora Radiant representive. 

Mr.Hight was more then happy to hear the PC's points and was quick to shutdown any attempts at the party trying to find out when he & the others had awakened. 
What the party didn't want to do is engage in combat with Mr. Hight nor any of his superiors. The players have had dealings with these jerks ! And so left as soon as possible. When safely out in space they checked over the Lakota top to bottom for any tracers or tracking devices. 
The party is making it's way to Circus,Circus a gambling world just to be sure they ditched Mr.Hight. 

 So  Trey Causey's Strange Stars. And his OSR Strange Stars  rulebook came out of retirement at the table top. And it's been getting quite the workout! 

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