Friday, September 15, 2023

Tegel Manor - Worlds Without Number & Cities Without Number Rpg - Arrows & Andies - Session Report

 The action picks up from the last time here on the blog.The operators in last night's game were able to track the CYBER-NETTERs back to thier base. Yet the party were attacked by bandits before reaching the base! The bands had the party pinned down with arrows and small arms fire! After several successful rolls & plenty of flanking the party managed to pin one of the bandits down. The party collected ammo, ID cards, money, etc. all from the downed bandit. And the party got the drop on the other bandits as well. 

The bandits scatteered after three of thier number were shot up pretty bad. And the 'bandits's were revealed to be androids! The party quickly stuffed one  of the Andy's heads into a sack and began doing recon on the base. Across the lake there was a huge fenced in compound. The nuclear signature of the Cybernetters led directly across the lake into the compound not to mention the Cybernetter's tracks. The party decided to wait until night fall while scoping out the base. As night came on they noticed the sound of thrashing down by the water's edge. Arnold another street samurai of the party came face to face with a Blindheim! The thing blinded him and took a chunk out before escaping into the marsh reeds around him. And then back into one of the inlet caves that was nearby. 

The party was panicked they had no idea what or whom had taken a chunk out of Arnold?! They quietly searched through the reeds & around the area of the lake. Nothing except they did come across a cave enterance. An they weren't about to go down there. 
A bit more searching and the operators came across a boat. Mac The Hand the party's mechanic and cyber operator looked the boat over and with several more rolls determined that the thing was sea worth. And then the party heard several somethings thrashing around in the weeds. 
They immediately launched the boat across the lake. And Cutter Joe the party's 'communications expert' immediately started picking up radio and video broadcasts coming in from the compoud across the lake. These were really weird and there was mention of something called 'Legion'. And that's when the strange glowing started under the base. 
The party was scared senseless about what be in the water. And this is where we ended. 

Alright so what's going on here?! The 'heroes' have gated in from another world into our 'Thundarr The Barbarian' through the dimension spanning version of Tegel Manor.
The Great Lakes region of this world belongs to another A.I. overlord who was/is in league with the Legion of Gold. 

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